Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Triumphing Not Just Because Good Is Dumb Edition


Some say evil is a state of being, others a state of mind.  Whether you define a bad guy through his nefarious acts or just an English accent (looking at you, George Lucas), one thing is clear: The dark side is strong, and a good villain can be just as compelling as the heroes they vex, but if the Secret Society of Super-Villains proved anything (not that I’m entirely sure they did, mind you) it’s that many evildoers can succeed where a single might have failed.  Grouping your bad guys can be dicey, though, as Loki proved during Marvel’s ‘Acts of Vengeance’ crossover.  Though he pulled in the biggest names in the Marvel Universe, he missed the fact that Doom resented The Red Skull, The Kingpin would cheerfully throw any of this criminal comrades-in-arms under the bus, and also that he had put the living symbol of Third Reich aggression in the same room with a concentration camp survivor.  (Even Daredevil saw that conflict coming.)  Anyone planning a team-up has to remember that there is no honor among thieves, which started my mental gears a’grindin’…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) likes to think of it as a nefarious version of ‘Emerson, Lake & Palmer’, only with added Starscream, asking: What four villains of all the fictional worlds would you recruit for the perfect combination of eeeevil?