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  1. A lot of blogs are going with the Section 31 theory. I kind of disagree. For one, the Section 31 storyline is too complicated and too esoteric to explain in a single movie.

    For another, the Section 31 concept is firmly rooted in the original TV continuity, which we seemed to have pitched, despite using the Nimoy Spock. Much of the pre-TOS design esthetic seems to have been tossed in favor of as Apple Store look too.

    My vote’s for the Cumberbach character being a transplant from the Mirror Universe. Perhaps they’ve realized that pre-empting the Mirror, Mirror Kirk interaction with evil Spock will safeguard the Terran Empire. Or that introducing (re-introducing) terrorism into the Federation political consciousness will push its government into a TE style dictatorship. The huge adversary the Enterprise faces could easily be a Mirror universe Enterprise-C or D.

      • Humm, that thing looks like a cross between a Galaxy class and an Excelsior class.

        Saucer section is very similar to the Galaxy class (a thicker version compared to later models) but the nassels and main body are Excelsior like, longer then the saucer section and rather flat, execpt for the body that is rounder in shape.

        Either way it’s at *least* 1 weight class higher then the good old Constitution class.

        I think the bad guy is either evil Pike or a rogue captain from Star Fleet Special Task Force, the STF is basically the “Black Ops” of Star Fleet.

        They renounce citizenship to their birth world and claim Starfleet as their only home, peace and prosperity for the Federation and it’s citizens at all costs. But this is video game canon, no idea if it’s “real” canon or not.

        • Anything’s possible, but I don’t think they’d go that deep into collateral source material for a key story premise. This creative team has an odd split personality. Oh the one hand they are so desperate to put their own stamp of the franchise that they’d deliberately introduce a convoluted plot into the first movie to justify their 21 Jump Steet caste (you know because Star Fleet often builds multi-billion dollar starships, but can’t scrap together from their entire HQ Staff and Academy faculty, a single experienced bridge crew in an emergency… so they let the graduating seniors drive…and let the class foul up with the attitude problem sit in the center chair… make the honor student his subordinant) yet on the other hand, they are such fanboys that they crib the entire plot premise from some of the classic highlight TV and movie stories (someone goes back in time to change history and someone else follows him to stop it.)
          If that pattern holds true, there are a hand full of plots that were real high points from TOS, especially among Trekkers, that are likely candidates for use this time around. Khan’s one, they’ve used Romulans already, so no silent running type cloaked ship intrigue, Gary Mitchell is another but there’s no easy way to inject a space battle or relocate the story back to earth… The Doomsday Machine doesn’t require an antagonist, Q and/or the Squire of Gothos are also not space battles and Cumberbach doesn’t much look like either a Tribble or a Horta, so I’m going with the Mirror Universe.
          Something like Cumberbach’s a decorated and trusted Star Fleet officer who’s either deliberately or accidentally exchanged with his Mirror self, maybe testing some new super warp drive. He decides to recreate the Terran Empire here or maybe he’s just determined to make sure Kirk never contaminates his universe’s Spock, preserving his future, etc.
          Just speculation on my part, can’t wait to see where it goes.

  2. Into Darkness possible backstory and premise:
    Star Fleet, not necessarily Kirk, finds the Botany Bay ship. They decide to exterminate the crew because they are considered criminals and dangerous, knowing all about Khan and his followers from history.
    But at some point before this, John Harrison and maybe other crew members are awaken from cryosleep. He then vows revenge. He infiltrates star fleet as a agent and eventually turns on them to bring it down.

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