“Sex” is a provocative comic that looks into the private lives of superheroes and their foes. Simon Cooke is a billionaire and former superhero, attempting to live a civilian life at the request of his mentor, Quinn, after her death. His constant training and night patrolling have left him sexually repressed. While Simon’s friends help him adjust to retirement, his former foes lurk in the shadows, filling the vacuum created during Simon’s absence. His return has a domino affect on Saturn City, as the secrets of his superhero past slowly come to light.

Sex_2_coverSEX #2
Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Piotr Kowalski
Letterer: Rus Wooton
Colorist: Brad Simpson
Editor: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: Image Comics
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in Sex: Simon Cooke has returned to Saturn City after a long sabbatical from his civilian life as head of the Cooke Company and his superhero life as the Armored Saint. Everyone is feeling the pressure of his return: his employees, old friends, and foes. While the news of his return spreads, Simon goes to Suffer Town and visits an erotic club. After some entertainment and “performance issues,” he is confronted by the club’s owner and Simon’s old acquaintance, Annabelle LaGravenese, a.k.a. Shadow Lynx.


Joe Casey continues to unravel the mystery of Simon Cooke’s past, who reminiscences with Annabelle at her club. In the first issue, the superhero parody was subtle. However, in this issue, it is very apparent. Simon is an amalgam of Iron Man and Batman while Annabelle represents Catwoman. Although I would prefer original characters, Simon Cooke’s personality is complicated enough to overlook the similarities with mainstream superheroes. He is a social commentary on modern comics. Superheroes, for the most part, are adults who engage in adult activities. Although the industry has progressed over the years, mainstream comics are still marketed to a younger audience. “Sex” is very blunt in terms of its mature content. Although it comes across as pornography at times, the comic provides more substance when it places adult activities front and center. Sex #2 also explores the life of Keenan Wade, a would-be vigilante in the vein of the Armored Saint. Like Simon, there is a mystery behind this character, who shares a connection with Simon that has not been revealed yet. Besides Keenan, superheroes take a backseat to the deepening flashbacks and character interactions. At first, I was skeptical about the superhero backgrounds surrounding this comic. However, it fits into the plot very well. Overall, the mystery between the characters and their previous lives keeps the reader interested in this series.


Piotr Kowalski employs a noir and gritty artistic style for the comic art. He balances the sexual overtones of the plot with a ton of explicit content. From the orgies in the community lounge of Annebelle’s club to the mysterious naked stranger in Simon’s apartment, Piotr does not shy away from the series’ mature nature. However, this is not art solely for the sake of shock value. The artist carefully employs stunning vast scenery with powerful life drawings. The sole action sequence is also worth noting. Piotr Kowalski definitely delivers in the art department.


I was expecting something different than a mystery comic after reading the initial issues of “Sex”. Simon’s superhero past is slowly revealed to the readers, as he becomes caught in a web of sexual repression. Although I feel this story could be told without the superhero elements, they add a shrouded background to support the plot. If you like mystery comics and are not offended by mature content, this is a great series to follow.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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