Sometimes, it’s tough to be a fan.  In the early part of this century, Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Thingamabobber held a  tournament to wrap up the loose ends of their purchase of rival WCW and its intellectual property.  To the delight of fan-boys everywhere, young up-and-comer Chris Jericho won the title over more-established top-card performers like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.  To their (and my) utter dismay, Jericho was immediately booked into a terrible feud with Stephanie McMahon that led to her real-life husband easily defeating him for the Undisputed Title.  (And, yes, I am aware these things are pre-scripted.  Didn’t make it suck any less.)  While I understand that different characters fill different roles and that not everyone can be The Incredible Hulk, I would have preferred to see Chris as a strong force in the story, taking on the Spider-Man role of wise-cracking agile guy.  Of course, our ever-Spectacular Spider-Man himself has had quite a few moments that have been less-than-flattering as well, such as the fact that he has struck his wife exactly as many times as Hank Pym, as well as living through the car-crash that was The Clone Saga.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) would also go back and make sure that Paul Levitz doesn’t get to unceremoniously torpedo all the character development of Matter-Eater Lad, asking: What character is most deserving of a little bit more respect?


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  1. Wolverine by far. He is hardly ever used. It would be so awesome if he were in every other Marvel comic. Alas, they never use him. What would be great is if they did a Alternate Future story of him fighting a Hillbilly Hulk. Can come up with a catchy title like Old Man Logan. /end sarcastic rant

    I really think Moon Knight needs more respect in alot of ways. Anytime he is used they really push the “He is CRAZY” aspect of him. Give him more multiple personalities. Have him talking to imaginary people. Instead of it being a character point (Like Superman not being human or Batman being a normal guy with no powers) they make it an over the top gimmick.

  2. More respect… Hawkeye. In a group of super humans he is always looked at as a weakling. Granted he is fighting things like Ultron, Abomination, etc. However the guy is a super cool spy with smarts and know how.

  3. Matthew…. it’s time to up your meds. And just what the heck does all that drivel about faux “wrestling” have to do with your question? I grew up in the era where roller derby was bigger than Pro “Wrestling” could ever dream of being – and it was just as scripted, just as fake and just as cheesy, except it was foxy ladies out there beating the tar out of each other – on roller skates – instead of a lot of sweaty, beefy men grabbing each other’s crotches. For that reason, I’ll take roller derby any day over “wrestling”.

    Er… what was the question again? Oh, right. The comic readers. They deserve more respect than Marvel or DC has ever given them, especially in this era of “event” comics and frequent reboots. All DC and Marvel give us are Interchangeable Heroes of the Week fighting interchangeable Villains of the Week, wrapped around the Incomprehensible Special Event of the Week, seasoned with a dash of Dead Hero of the Month. And then the sit around and wonder why comic sales today are only a fraction of what they used to be. Makes you wonder if they even read the books they print?

    • Wow. That’s lovely. I’m amused that you chose this response to a question about lack of respect.

      As for your query, I outlined a situation where a character was treated in a disrespectful manner, then asked about characters who deserved more respect. Thus, the example was a lead-in to the question, designed to start a dialogue. Milage, as always may vary.

  4. OK, how about one from left field. J. Jonah Jameson. More recent (and silly) story lines aside, I never thought he was given his due. His vendetta against Spiderman could easily have been a calculated move to sensationalize the news and push circulation, but instead he has genuine fear and concern for what the hero means to society in the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately his valid social and political concerns are usually pushed aside for the “foiled again” story beats that mark his character. He may or may not be wrong, but he has absolute conviction in his viewpoint, which should merit more respect.

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