When it comes to comic books, one of the very building blocks of the industry is the crossover.  With so many individual fictional universes existing side-by-side on the racks, it’s natural to want to see them interacting with one another, leading to crossovers both big (Dynamite Entertainment’s ‘Masks’ combines most of the surviving major pulp icons, save for Doc Savage himself) and small (such as the still-adorable romance between Tim Drake and Jubilation Lee during the DC/Marvel shmageggi’s of the 1990s.)  Some of ’em aren’t even official, like Vampirella’s run-in with “Fluffy, The Vampire Killer” or the wonderful Batman/Superman annual which features Deadpool-by-any-other-name.  Of course, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming Phineas and Ferb/Avengers crossover, one of the first real explorations of what clever bits might come from the acquisition of the House of Ideas by the House of Mouse.  I haven’t wanted to see a combination this bad since they announced Star Trek/ Doctor Who last year (although the ridiculously obvious Doctor Who/Legion of Super-Heroes combo is still an untapped well.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) thinks the ultimate crossover would be Wold Newton Vs. Tommy Westphall, asking:  In this day and age, what potentially excellent mashups, matchups or meetings still remain un-crossed-over?  Which do you want to see most?


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  1. Just talked about this with my Girlfriend yesterday. Doctor Who and Dresden Files – especially with the Knights of the cross.

  2. Whedon vs Abrams vs Raimi

    Give them all the same 15-30 min. movie treatment, see who makes the best film.

    Whoever does the best with it gets all the internet love.

  3. Harry Potter meets Harry Dresden seems to obvious not to happen.

    Etrigan meets Hellboy.

    Conan the Barbarian meets Conan O’Brien.

    Deep Space Nine & 7th Doctor.

    Godzilla V. Gamera.

  4. Matrix and McClane – Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, reprising his role from Commando, as elite soldier Col. Matrix, partnering with Hero Cop John McClane, played by Bruce Willis.

    Here’s how you work it out – They both have bad ass daughters in canon. Both daughters get in trouble, Matrix and McClane need to work it out. Obviously, Matrix’s daughter, now an adult, will be played by Eliza Dushku (both because she is awesome, and also as a true lies reference) and ME Winstead can continue as McClane’s daughter.

    As an aside, I looked, and did not find fan fic for this meet up. But if anyone wants to make it, let me know.

  5. Punisher and GIJoe by Chuck Dixon

    The Man with No Name and Brisco County, Jr. And Lord Bowler, of course.

    GIJoe and the A-Team

    Army of Darkness and Anyone. Archie. Poekman. Deadpool. Powergirl. I don’t care.

  6. A true pulp hero all-star extravaganza. I’d love to see a great comic or book treatment of a team-up to save the world from some awesomely pulp-ish threat. We’ve had pulp team-ups before, but I’d like to see one that really took in all the heavy-weights: Doc Savage, The Shadow, Green Hornet and Kato, The Spider, The Rocketeer, and Indiana Jones. Some of those are anachronistic, I know, but it’s hard to argue that The Rocketeer and Indiana Jones aren’t definitively pulp-ish these days. I think that combination of characters could produce some really amazing stories. It would be fantastic simply to see them all inhabiting the same world in the 1930’s, even if they weren’t all working together all the time. Throw in some of their most memorable villains, like Mr. X, John Sunlight, and Shiwan Khan, and you’ve got an epic story. A good writer could even work in flashbacks to Zorro and the Lone Ranger. In fact, throw in some Hyperborean roots to the threat that faces the heroes, and even Conan could share the proverbial stage.

    Make it happen IDW or Dynamite. I’ll even write it, if necessary.;)

  7. Spider-Man and The Legion of Superheroes. This would be fantastic, the tricks the legion could play on Peter Parker. How hard Peter would be on himself with them picking on him. Hilarity would ensue.

    • There was a pretty good fan video of that one. They re-cut the two. I think it makes the boy vamp into a creeper and Buffy eventually stakes him.

  8. I’m shocked no one has said Star Wars/Star Trek.

    Doctor Who/Star Wars (which is doable because it’s a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away).

    Doctor Who/Battlestar Galactica

  9. With the recent crossover events between Super Sentai, Kamen Rider and Metal Heroes, I’m hoping there will finally be an official crossover with Ultraman at some point. There was an Ultraman/Kamen Rider DVD, but it was essentially a clip show and not a true crossover.

  10. Ha! An Army of Darkness crossover was just announced! I win!

    “Army of Darkness and Anyone. Archie. Poekman. Deadpool. Powergirl. I don’t care.”

  11. Guianan vs. the Q, no holds barred, and with Captain Piccard out of the way so they don’t pull their punches.

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