Major Spoilers Question Of The Day: Neo-Maxie Zoom Dweebie Edition


In the most recent episode of ‘Zach On Film,’ we discussed a film near-and-dear to the hearts of many forty-somethings (including Stephen and myself) as well as critically acclaimed for its structure and storytelling.  That made even more disconcerting when I noticed a moment so glaringly off, so tonally inappropriate, that it threw me entirely out the film’s reality, leaving me surprised it didn’t affect my generation’s opinion of the flick.  (To get the full story, check out the ZoF ‘Breakfast Club’ episode.)  Many of my favorite entertainments of days past have such flaws (sophomoric humor and gratuitous nudity make much of ‘Heavy Metal’ cringe-worthy these days) but it was somehow more jarring to find such a sour note in a classic coming-of-age tale…


The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) wants to know if Barry Manilow knows you raided his wardrobe, or whether you’d rather see a picture of a man with elephatiasis of the nards, asking: When it comes to your favorite movies, comics or what-have-you, what’s the most egregiously damaging mistake or misstep in otherwise enjoyable works?