Rocksteady Studios is no longer in control of the Arkham video game universe as Warner Bros Games-Montreal is set to release the next installment, Batman: Arkham Origins, in the fall of this year. Take the jump to watch the game designers talk about the task at hand and see early shots of the game.

Let’s take a look at the upcoming cover of Game Informer that features Batman and, making his first apperance in a core Arkham game, Deathstroke!

Origins Cover

Now here are the designers from Warner Bros Games talking about the large undertaking to follow up the previous two Arkham games.


And finally, Game Informer said that Warner Bros Games is not only releasing Arkham Origins on all major platforms but also will be releasing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the 3DS and Vita that will be a completely stand alone game that takes place after the events in Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins will release October 25, 2013 on Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC and Arkham Origins Blackhand will release the same day for 3DS and Vita.

Are you as excited about this news as I am? Will you be slapping down the money to own your own copy this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

via Game Informer


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  1. I wondered where they could possibly go with the Arkham games after Arkham City. I figured if they would have to a.) keep getting bigger and bigger, in which case it would become somewhat silly with ‘Arkham County’ or ‘Arkham State’, or b.) they’d have to give up on the whole ‘Arkham’ angle entirely. I guess they went with c.) get even smaller (maybe).

  2. this… this could work.

    I was very worried whether it would feel a bit like beating a dead horse when they accounced the sequel. But this seems like a fresh taste to the tried and true formula of the arkham series.
    Also very happy that it doesnt seem like they are pulling a “SURPRICE! it really wasnt **SPOILER** joker who died afterall”. Was a bit worried that would happen in the Harleys revenge DLC too.

    Seems like it could be awesome to have the “spiderman vs. sinister six” type story set in the batman arkham universe.

    very excite!

  3. Actually, I’m a little surprise they didn’t have a sequel to Arkham City. At the end of one of the side quest, Azrael shows and starts laying down some very foreboding prophecies for the Dark Knight, who by that point, isn’t in the mood. After seeing him possibly over-the-edge in “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”, i thought the direct sequel could be pretty interesting.

    Here, I like the inclusion of Deathstroke but I’m a little worried since Rocksteady isn’t handling it.

  4. I will be getting this one for sure and I am hoping that since Rocksteady is not handling this that they are involved with another DC property. Maybe we will finally get a good Superman game or something.

  5. No Rocksteady means I am very leary as to how good this could potentially be. The benchmark that I will use to determine if the game is worth money is the voice-cast. If certain people (Mark Hammil) aren’t back then the game isn’t good.

      • I think he’s saying the voice cast is going to be a good indication of how much money they’re spending on production. Hamill may even end up returning despite his alleged “retirement” of the Joker since he did the voice for DC Universe Online after saying he was done with it.

  6. I think it should be more of a Sandbox with everyone from Arkham escaping and being rampant in the entire city of Gotham. And if we wanted to we can just wander around the city being Batman and foiling crimes.

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