Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week.

Tales from William F. Nolan’s Dark Universe #4
Writer: William F. Nolan & Jason Brock
Artist: Luis Rivera & Scott Boyce
Digital & print
TALES FROM WILLIAM F. NOLAN”S DARK UNIVERSE, Outstanding adaptations of some of his best horror stories, by the author of the novel and major motion picture Logan’s Run. Join the scary hi-jinks as characters struggle to deal with unseen horrors, killers, and more!

DarkUniverse#4 DarkUpage-1 DarkUpage2 DarkUpage3 DarkUpag4 DarkUpage5

Walter Koenig’s Things to Come collected edition
Writer: Walter Koenig
Artist:  Juan Baez
Digital & print
Introducing the brand new graphic novel from one of the stars from the original Star Trek, Walter Koenig. Two species, one trying to cheat death, the other to become its master and, in between, a little child shall bleed them. This special edition has never before seen images and character designs from the series.

ThingstoComeGN Walter-Koenig-02-Pg-01-01 Walter-Koenig-02-Pg-02-01 Walter-Koenig-02-Pg-03-01 Walter-Koenig-02-Pg-04-01 Walter-Koenig-02-Pg-05-01

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Sinbad Rogue of Mars: collected edition
Writer: Gregg Thompson & Scott Davis
Artist: Jeff “Chamba” Cruz
Digital & print
He’s sailed the seven seas and explored unknown lands, fought countless monsters and battled evil wizards, but Sinbad’s newest adventure may be the greatest, and most dangerous, he’s ever had! Read the entire “Ray Harryhausen Presents: Sinbad- Rogue of Mars” series in one place for the first time in this special collected edition!

SINBADGNsinbad_01_01letters sinbad_01_02letters sinbad_01_03letters sinbad_01_04letters sinbad_01_05letters sinbad_01_06letters sinbad_01_07letters sinbad_01_08letters sinbad_01_09letters sinbad_01_10letters

FAME: Conan O’Brien
Writer: C.W. Cooke and Patrick McCormack
Artist: Erick Adrian Marquez
Digital & print
Conan O’Brien: The man, the myth, the legend, nay, he’s no myth. He’s just legend. A giant in both the comedy fields and real life, Conan O’Brien has been working longer than most of his fans have been alive. He has red hair, nay, strawberry locks, and he’s an extraordinary dancer. Wait, this is supposed to be a solicitation text for a comic? Um, buy this comic or else! Conan might do something drastic like shave his beard, and I don’t think the world can deal with him clean-shaven anymore.

FameConanObrien conan01 conan02 conan03 conan04 conan05

Atlas: Volume #1 issue #1
Writer: Darren G. Davis
Artist: Mark Brooks
Cover: Roger Cruz
After commanding the Titans in their war against the Olympians, Atlas was forced to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. His life was a tragic story of a lone God fighting boredom on Mount Olympus. However, monitoring the earth from above, Atlas watched Earth change and the emergence of super powered beings donning capes and tights. Growing restless and craving adventure, Atlas decides to take the world in his hands and become one of the Earth’s newest heroes. However, learning the superhero game is not going to be easy for him as Atlas fights against one of the oldest superpowers in history!

Atlas1Volume1 atlas1c Atlas1p4c atlas1p8&9c Atlas1p15c Atlas1p16

Quatermain #4
Writer: Clay and Susan Griffith
Artist: Patricio Carbajal
Digital & print
Deep in central Africa, Allan Quatermain must join with his former enemy, the sorcerer Lokongoi, to escape the bloody power of Bwana Nzige. With a small band of refugees, Quatermain makes his way into the treacherous Congo forest, with death all around. But Quatermain’s new ally may have a secret more terrifying than any he has ever encountered.

QUATERMAIN4 quartermain0407 quartermain0408 quartermain0409 quartermain0410 quartermain0411

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Fairy Tales
Writer: Various
Artist: Various
Cover: Chamba
When Ray Harryhausen first broke onto the scene, it was developing stories around classic fairy tales such as Hansel and Gretel, Tortoise and the Hare, and Baron Munchausen. In this special collection, you will get the comic book versions of these tales. It also features a bunch of extras from Jason and the Argonauts, Sinbad, and more!

RayHarryhausenFairyTales Fairytales1 Fairytales2 Fairytales3 Fairytales4 Fairytales5

Gearz: collected edition
Writer: Dan Rafter
Artist: Thiago Silva
Digital & print
From the creator of the 10th Muse comes the newest female group of unlikely heroes. Lonely high-schooler Karen Chugg just wanted a dog. Instead, she got three of the most powerful, deadliest, and hippest robot bodyguards to hit the sleepy town of westville! The good news? Karen’s three robots quickly become her best friends. The bad news? Someone very high up, Oval Office high up, wants those robots back! Can an ordinary, if slightly unpopular, teen survive killer robots, super-powered school custodians, snotty classmates, chemically boosted monsters and hooded assassins while staying on track to become class valedictorian?

GEARZGNGearz_iss4_pg02 Gearz_iss4_pg03 Gearz_iss4_pg04 Gearz_iss4_pg05 Gearz_iss4_pg06

Female Force: Tina Fey
Writer: Chad Jones
Artist: Alex Lopez
Digital & print
Tina Fey is many things. Writer. Producer. Golden Globe and Emmy winner. Academy Award presenter. Improvisationalist. Pennsylvanian. Star Wars enthusiast. And now the subject of the latest in Bluewater’s Female Force series in this light-hearted look at the lovely and talented creator of 30 Rock.

FFTinaFey tina_fey14 tina_fey15 tina_fey16 tina_fey17 tina_fey18

Ray Harryhausen Presents: War of the Elementals #1
Writer: Scott Davis
Artist: Sebastian Piriz
From the mind of Ray Harryhausen! 1915 France. The Great War rages and a new breed of hero takes to the skies. Part bull-terrier, part daredevil, the aces of the Royal Flying Corps’ 5th Squadron are Britain’s elite. It was an era of counter-intelligence, dogfights, and drinking songs, but that was before the world changed. That was before the Elementals. When a routine mission goes awry, the 5th Squadron finds itself trapped in an unreal world called The Source. Here, giant bat-like creatures dominate the world, keeping the Universe, and all of its parallel realities, in a precarious balance. But despite its serene appearance, it is a violent, predatory land. Trapped along with Germany’s greatest flying ace, they all must work together to find a way back home, but the home they left is no longer the world they knew.

ELEMENTALS1 Elem_01_01_low Elem_01_02_low Elem_01_03_low Elem_01_04_low Elem_01_05_low

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