Recent news of the return of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents put a smile on my face, but the announcement of Jerry Ordway’s involvement left me giddy as a schoolgirl for most of an afternoon, a good mood that wasn’t fully squashed until I got sniped on another online auction.  (Bygones.)  In any case, I’m unclear if this latest iteration of the Agents is a continuation of the recent DC series or a different revival of the originals, but either way, I’m on board, despite the fact that I’ve now read at LEAST six different attempts to bring the heroes back, ranging from the sublime to the just plain awful to a one-issue mess from Solson that might as well have been labeled “Dark Knight Agents.”  If I were to try to assess all those stories as belonging to a single continuity, I’d lose my mind (Hero Histories notwithstanding), but I’m actually kind of fine with there being multiple versions of the truth around my favorite super-hero super-spies, something that seems alien to my usual “Where Can This Have Happened?” thought processes.  There’s just something about Tower Comics’ signature science heroes that makes me want to forgive the creators for all manner of sins…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) suspects that we might be hearing about the prequel trilogy and Sybok’s hijacking of the Enterprise today, asking: What characters or fictional worlds are you willing to follow anywhere, even if the stories aren’t quite up to snuff?


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  1. My pull list at my local comic book store includes “Anything with a Legionnaire or the Crime Syndicate of America on the cover.”

  2. Star Trek Mirror Universe stories. I even enjoyed the “Enterprise” two parter set in the Mirror Universe and I didn’t much care for “Enterprise” as a Trek series. I didn’t much care for the multiple conflicting versions of the Mirror Universe in the old TNG novels (published before DS9 officially returned to the Mirror Universe), but I still read them because I like the setting.

    Also TMNT, although I may break that streak with Bay’s TMNT movie. But since they won’t be mutant turtles, it isn’t really TMNT is it?

    • The only reason I didn’t list Star Wars is due to having a few specific novels and comics in the EU that I simply refuse to read or that were so bad I avoid them. But I do follow Star Wars more than any other setting otherwise.

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