Well, Black has been chosen, and by a large margin at that. Up next we get to see if this will or won’t be an Aura. So take the jump for a better look at the full card and then watch (read) us argue about our choices.

Alright, as always and like I said above, here’s the current version of the card.
Well, it certainly looks more like a card now. This week there isn’t any pre-discussion time-frame, the vote is currently live in that link up there. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still sound off though, but first a bit more on what our choices mean.
Since we have an enchantment, we want to know if it will affect one thing, permanent or player, or something else. An Aura attaches itself to a single entity and will usually only affect that thing, either by messing with stats or granting some ability, or sometimes both. The non-aura, or Global Enchantment, could affect everything or just have some nifty ability on it that you can use. Either choice could be entertaining, so here’s what we have to say on that.

Our Arguments


Black is an interesting development, and I will completely admit that somehow I did not manage to consider the fact that this card could be an aura. Auras have a big drawback, in that destroying the permanent they enchant kills the aura as well; but black is a color that has a lot of tricks at its disposal. I’m curious as to the potential of an aura, especially one that could be used both offensively and defensively. Aura for me.


I think this time I agree with Rodrigo. He brings up some good points and I only have one more to really add. Aura’s will make for more interaction. No matter what the aura enchants, as long as it’s a permanent there are more chances to mess with what’s going on. Have a creature enchant, well then creature removal can help, or maybe it’s on an opponents thing and they have to figure out how to remove it. Either way, Aura provides for more interaction.


A few months ago I would have instantly jumped on the global Enchantment bandwagon, because EDH is all I really played, but recently I’ve been playing more and more standard, and I’ve learned the importance of aura Enchantments as a result. Both auras and global Enchantments can be very powerful in the right situation. I prefer to play MTG in a battle circle setting and the right combination of global Enchantments can really put the squeeze on all of your opponents at once. However, in one-on-one games global Enchantments usually don’t have the “focus” needed to pull you a win, but auras can. Aura enchantments that render a specific creature or land useless, or player curses such as “Curse of Death’s Hold” can instantly put the board back in your favor. So the best choice between auras or global Enchantments really depends on whether you enjoy a group game or one-on-one.

So, you’ve heard our side, now we’d like to hear yours in the comments below, after which you can then go vote.


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