Long before it was a thing, Otter Disaster and I used to play a wide-ranging and never-ending game that we called “Hey, It’s That Guy!”  (Somebody else later made a website about it, but we were TOTALLY firsties.)  Not so long ago, I was utterly startled to find a young Scarlett Johansson as the daughter in ‘Eight-Legged Freaks,’ but the REAL shocks came when I accidentally viewed a late night episode of ‘Californication.’  In addition to Agent Mulder in the lead role, I found myself shocked to recognize a few of his conquests from their other roles as well:  Chandler’s ex Janice from ‘Friends,’ Diane from ‘Loveline,’ and most shockingly, Gracie, the youngest daughter from ‘The Nanny.’  Sure, everyone grows up, and preteen actresses will eventually grow up into full-grown women, but the moment where my brain finally kicked into gear was something of a full-frontal revelation (and, no, that is not merely a clever metaphor.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) knows the face, but completely blanked on the name, asking: What’s the most surprising (you should excuse the expression). “actor reveal” you’ve ever encountered?


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  1. That Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is also The Shredder from the old TMNT.

    Also that Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers is Donnie Thornberry.

    Both pretty cool.

  2. Realizing Kaylee from “Firefly” was the girl from that Disney show “Flash Forward” that I watched after school a few years earlier.

    Finding out that Mr. Feeny was KITT thanks to someone on the MS forums. That still boggles my mind.

  3. Figuring out that the kid Batman saved in Batman Begins grew up to be King Joffrey.

    Had there not been an internet meme, I might still not have put it together.

    Also, realizing that Captain Kirk was the voice of Jack Frost.

  4. Not an actor reveal but a character: that Machete Cortez is the Spy Kids’ weapons supplier and “Uncle Machete” Actress wise, Allison Scagliotti playing a boy raised as a girl on an episode of MENTAL.

    • Actually, it was stated by Trejo and Rodriguez that it isn’t the same Machete, it is just the same name and the same actor. Really made me sad, too, because that would have been awesome if they were the same character.

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