I’ve said ad nauseam that the biggest problem with the early 90s Batman films was that Jack Nicholson’s Joker is a great Riddler, while Jim Carrey’s Riddler is one of the best Jokers ever committed to live-action film.  Oddly enough, a quick perusal of ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ shows me a Gwen Stacy who bears a LOT of resemblance to the modern portrayals of Mary Jane Watson, while Kirsten Dunst’s Mary Jane felt very Gwen-ish.  There’s irony in that fact, however, given that the comic versions of the two girls had already swapped their positions on the comic side as well, with Gwen starting out as the worldly haughty girl he met in college, only to eventually retroactively become the girl next door/Betty-archetype to Mary Jane’s Veronica.  It’s really exhausting to try and figure all this out, so I just like to focus on red-haired Emma Stone smiling like she’s missed me terribly and wants to give me a big kiss before we go hold hands by a riverbank.  (The fact that she looks like a young version of my wife buys me only a little bit of slack in this celebirity crush, by the way…)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) finds it awesome that the wild and slutty Mary Jane of yore has been both Betty and Veronica in her time, finally settling on whatever her current role is (Miss Grundy?), asking:  In your opinion, is Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man’s true love?


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    • Incoming hate! Hit the deck!

      Sorry, I don’t have any problem with Carlie Cooper myself, but this comment is going to get so much hate from the more rapid parts of the fanbase, I wanted to ready everyone preemptively.

  1. I’ve never actually read any of the comics with Gwen Stacy in ’em(not counting the Ultimate Universe), but my favorite superhero marriage ever – indeed, perhaps my favorite fictional romance ever – was Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s. I don’t think about the movie Mary Jane, much – I generally try to pretend the Sam Raimi movies didn’t really happen – but I’ve always felt Mary Jane was the girl for Peter. Regular Universe or Ultimate.

  2. As I’m want to do let’s split hairs a bit and say that question is unanswerable.

    MJ has been a fixture in Pete’s life, and in some continuities knew or suspected he was Spiderman from early on. But she kept his secret, was his early love, long time BFF and then first truly adult relationship, before the writers drove the plot into an iceberg…

    Gwen on the other hand was his great romance, cemented by her tragic sudden death, something Peter felt deeply responsible for. Her death ensured that MJ could never compete with that relationship. How do you compete with a dead person after all. That is before the writers drove that plot into an iceberg…

    So to answer your questions Mary Jane was the love of his life, but Gwen was his great romance. And Pete will never know which should have been his true love.

  3. Considering the fact that the current ASM movie series is a cluster and in the only “universe” that counts anymore both Peter and Gwen are dead and Otto Octavious is a lecherous old man in Parker’s body getting more butt than a toilet seat I guess the answer is …. neither right now.

    • I think that Peter’s idealized memory of ‘what might have been’ has created a lot of that sentiment, especially among the creators. But, would it have held up after 20 years? :) Would a marriage to Gwen have been any less “aging” the character?

  4. Not much of an opinion by the time I started reading spidey Gwen was dead and MJ wasn’t his wife anymore but I’ll go with MJ cause I like red-heads.

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