Guillermo del Toro has a potential large blockbuster on his hands in the form of Pacific Rim , but he also is in the incredibly early pre-production stage for a project that is now being referred to as Justice League Dark. Take the jump for all the new information.

In a recent interview del Toro gave details on who the characters involved are set to be, where he is in the writing process, and more. Here is what he said:

The route we’re going is Constantine is our lead. Constantine is the guy who leads us in and out of the plot. We have Swamp Thing, Etrigan, we have Zatanna, we have the Floronic Man. We have stuff that those who love the darker side of the DC Universe are going to appreciate, and we’re trying to be true to the origins of the characters.

I cannot tell you how happy I am, but I am finishing my bible, and then I deliver that bible, which is about 45 pages, to Warner, and we have a screenwriter that we like and that we talk to, but he is writing his own movie right now and is thinking about it. But I am going to try to wait for him.

When the interviewer pushed to know the name of who the selected writer was he answered,

I won’t say who it is. I’m not allowed. But we’re waiting, and when the right time comes, hopefully that writer will take over, and then we’ll see if it’s directed by me or someone else and I’ll just produce. I don’t know.

So there you have it. Guillermo looks to be possibly erasing the horrible taste that the Keanu Reeves Constantine movie left a bad taste in the mouth of comic and film fans everywhere. Personally, I think that the entire superhero movie genre needs Guillermo to make this movie to show studios that you don’t have to have Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon to make a superhero movie.

Are you stil excited that Guillermo is taking this property on? Is this the film that DC needs to finally set it down the path of multiple, successful movie properties? You know where the comment section is so sound off!

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  1. If this is truly happening, it will be a step in the right direction. Though I’m definitely in the target audience, I don’t know how well this well.

  2. Swamp Thing AND Floronic Man might be a little much for casual viewers. Make a sweet team up/crossover with Groot, though!

  3. comicfan1974 on

    I honestly don’t see this film ever happening. Is Warner’s really going to put out Justice League Dark when they can’t get their act together to put out a Justice League movie? I also lack the enthusiasm for Del Toro that others profess, but I do appreciate his seeming love of the material.

    And I also never understood the hatred of the Constantine film; that seems like one of those movies that people just decided not to like because of pre-established opinions about Reeves.

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