Much to the dismay of everyone around me in my life, I believe coffee to be one of the most vile drinks on Earth. And yes, I have tried syrups, sugar, and your Frapacinnos, they all taste worse than the one before. However, if I had to drink coffee to have this Lego coffee mug I would plug my nose and swallow every morning.

This marvelous coffee mug comes from Think Geek who say this product has a 12-oz capacity and is not only compatible with Lego bricks but also PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, and K’NEX. Knowing the small brick building community it should only be a matter of time before someone slaps Mindstorm parts on here and creates a self pouring coffee cup.




It is such a small, simple product but one I know that could bring hours of enjoy sitting at your desk in the morning. Just think how enjoyable meetings would be if you were allowed to take a handful of bricks with you! Think Geek is all sold out of these mugs at the moment, so make sure you have you $19.99 ready once they return around the end of May.

via Think Geek


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Zach is a recent college graduate who’s love for consuming media is surpassed only by his love for creating it. He has a firm belief that if we could all just play with LEGOs for 30 minutes a day the world would be a better place. If those two statements don’t tell you everything you need to know about Zach, follow him on Twitter at @zwoolf.

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  1. My coffee mug, smooth plastic and stainless steel gets REALLY disgusting in it’s few cracks and crevices. This thing is a germ farm. I can’t image what this thing would look like after a couple of weeks of regular coffee and cream. It would look cool on a shelf or as a pen/pencil holder though!

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