Artist Michael Lee Lunsford has posted his designs of superheroines in fully covering costumes and we think that not sharing them with you faithful Spoilerites would be a crime.


black canary







The artist wrote about his exercise on his Tumblr page and said this:

Point of this: An exercise in character design, attempting to clothe the heroines nearly all the way and not making them painted-on, while still keeping the look of their original costumes in some way. Hopefully keeping them looking as iconic as the originally were. Just showing what can be done with a costume breaking outside the barrier of the norm.

NOT the point of this: some moral code I’m trying to push on you

What do you think about these new character designs? Would you want to see these inside the pages of your monthly comics? Sound off in the comments below!

via Michael Lee Lunsford


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  1. I quite enjoy these designs a lot more than much of what we see today in comics. Comics have gotten better with giving female characters true character in their personalities but costume design has lagged behind in the age of objectification for many characters, especially characters who have long histories and classic designs that people don’t want to deviate from. Change isn’t necessarily bad and I’d take Wonder Woman a lot more seriously as a warrior from her design here than the one piece bathing suit. These costumes look like something an actual woman would design for herself instead of teenage boys. They are stylish and complimentary instead of unreal and exploitative. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have some fantasy in comics, just that the fantasy should be more in the situations and powers and not used up in suspending our disbelief that the majority of people if designing a costume for themselves would make it a mixture of stylish and practicle, and without any chances of flashing everyone every other action. I’d love to see more of this line of costume design spread into comics.

  2. Power Girl and Zantana are my favorites. They are good designs that work well. Unfortunately, the comic companies won’t go for them because not enough skin is showing.

  3. As i said before, i think Super-Girl looks more like Super-Mom in this. That’s not a bad thing, just what i think it looks like.

  4. Power Girl here is a 1000% improvement! All the rest look really good as well. Maybe change the color of Wonder Woman’s pants, though. At least she has pants.

  5. Some of these look good, but while I’m not one to suggest female characters must be sexualized, I don’t advocate de-sexualizing them for the sake of doing it.

    Just because it might not be a revealing outfit doesn’t mean it looks good.
    Take the Wonder Woman pic, for instance. I know there are people who would say, “Now that she’s wearing a less revealing costume, she looks dignified.”
    I’m sorry, but while she may not have any skin showing…she does not look dignified. She looks like a fool dressed like that.

    Honestly, I take the star-spangled bathing suit more seriously than the chino pants and loose-fitting sweater.

    Further, I always pause when people insist or redesign Wonder Woman with more body armor.
    Yes, I know she’s a warrior and all that but…you know…she’s freaking Wonder Woman. She can go toe-to-toe with Superman. Whatever damage she can’t withstand, she has the bracelets for. Why does Wonder Woman need armor? SHE IS HER ARMOR.

  6. Great job and commendable goal for an intellectual exercise. I would note though, that most of the designs have a bit of D&D 4th ed. flavor to them, although maybe I’m reading into it.

    Also, while I don’t believe lingerie is the least bit believable as a super hero costume, I would note that the longish tunics of the two kyrptonians might not be the most practical for actual range of motion. Especially since neither character actually needs any protection per se from their garments.

  7. Why is power girl wearing a lab coat?

    In all seriousness there is something to this, but I just don’t like these designs (psylock looks short and dumpy for example.) I always remember watching ghost in the shell sac and thinking that the main character actually looked better when she was wearing her jeans over her swimsuit costume.

    So I understand how this concept would work, I just don’t like any if these particular examples.

  8. Really like the manga style to the Power Girl. The manga feel also works for Psylocke, Electra and Vampirella, and I also like the very casual feel for Black Canary. That said, it doesn’t really work for Wonder Woman and Zantanna’s clothes look waaaay too baggy. Speaking as a male, Power Girl’s in the only one I’d really like to see implemented. The others range from cool to a bit heavy-handed.

  9. Hmmm…These redesigns aren’t bad.

    Vampirella – I can see her using this as an alternate outfit when the situation calls for it, like if she’s meeting someone in an office or something.

    Psylocke and Elektra – Their original outfits never really bothered me, as I figured that they allowed for freedom of movement. Again, as alternate outfits, they work, maybe for colder weather. As for Psylocke, I’d switch out the gray for maybe a navy blue or black.

    Wonder Woman – The only thing I don’t like about the outfit is the color of the pants. Dark blue, not brown.

    Zatanna – This isn’t much different from her “Classic” costume, but I’d change the cuffs on the pants. If she runs with them, she might step on those cuffs and fall on her face.

    Black Canary – Can’t think of anything. Love to see this as an alternate costume in a game.

    Supergirl – I like it, but I think it should be worn on Kara if she ever becomes Superwoman.

    Power Girl – Not bad. I would’ve tried to incorporate the cleavage window, though. To me, it’s as much as part of her costume as Superman’s S-Shield.

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