When the new Star Trek film debuted in 2009, many dramatic predictions of doom by the fanbase followed.  For my part, I wasn’t particularly worried, having been through the first revival of the franchise back in ’87, and knowing of the elasticity of Trek since 1966.  In fact, in a climate where revamps, reboots, relaunches, launch-boots, reimaginings and what-have-you are the norm, I felt that Star Trek was more deserving of the treatment than, say, Jet Jaguar or Space Ranger.  In fact, I’d even go a step further and speculate on the next big revampticated sensation:  Breakin’ 2013 – The Next Boogalation!  With some updated settings and some awesome street dancing, Ozone and Kelly’s kid can team up with a new generation to save more youth centers from Shooter McGavin!

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) reminds that there ain’t no stopping’ us, not even oncoming traffic or municipal laws, asking: What property, movie, cartoon or whatever is most deserving of a “Next Generation?”



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  1. Batman. Everything’s better with Batman – particularly when he’s dead :)

    (actually it would be interesting to see a batman series where Tim Drake is chosen to take the mantle, yet everyone else is still superheroing under their own personas)

  2. Someone mentioned years back that it would be interesting to see a ‘Next Generation’ of NextGen. He suggested that Data could be the captain of the Enterprise 1701-?? set 100 years in the future.

  3. I want the new Star Wars movies to include the “Next Generation” of the older characters in the original Star Wars movies. I also would LOVE a “Next Generation” of the Legion of Superheroes.

  4. I would suggest Captain Planet, but that could probably do with a full on reboot.

    Farscape though would be nice.

  5. Fer cryin’ out loud, GHOSTBUSTERS! They have been dangling rumors of a new generation of Ghostbusters since the mid 90’s back when it was rumored to be Chris Farley, David Spade and Mike Myers picking up the mantle. With the new IDW series out there is no shortage of good story ideas. Particularly the arc where they road trip across US.

    • Yes, seconding this! I came to Ghostbusters through TV (I loved the Real Ghostbusters animated, especially the frequently-freaky early seasons), and when they did the whole “Egon teaches a class of new Ghostbusters”, I thought it squandered a great idea. I hope IDW shows how to do it right.

  6. Next Gen worked as an in continuity extension of TOS because of two relatively unique factors. First, TOS had a unique level of post-syndication popularity completely out of proportion with a failed TV series that ended after less than three full seasons of production. This popularity was supported by numerous novels, comics and ultimately a fairly successful movie series. Second, TOS’s plot universe easily supported the extension of a TV series without convoluted storylines or other contrivances. After all Kirk’s crew was one of many the service of Star Fleet, and there were certainly stories left to be told from their compatriots or successors. Further that universe lent itself to plot call backs, cameos and story line extensions.

    Among recent properties, very few if any fit a similar formula. I’d personally vote for an extension of one of the spy dramas or comedies, such as The Man From UNCLE, or if the movie sequel project is dead, Get Smart, but neither of these has the popularity of TOS.

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