ADULT FILMS: Kimberly Kane nails it as Wonder Woman


A lot of discussion has been floating around the Internet this past week, after Axel Braun posted a sneak peek image of adult film actress Kimberly Kane, dressed as Wonder Woman for the upcoming, Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.


This is most certainly an excellent costume, but we haven’t see it in action yet. I do agree with many who question why the adult film industry can do a better job with costumes and getting these movies out than the big studios. The answer to the first part is rather simple – look at the awesome cosplay that is being done each and every day by fans. As far as why the porn industry does a better job of getting out the movies faster than the big studios, the answer is also simple – the adult industry has a lower overhead than the big studios, and thus the risk is lower. Companies like Vivid are cranking out movies super fast, so while Wonder Woman XXX may get a lot of attention, it will be nearly forgotten by “fans” about by this time next year.

As far as quality goes, I think what makes Axel Braun’s films work (beyond the sexy-sexy) is that he is a fan, and we’ve seen a crap ton of really awesome fan films online that do the characters and properties proud. Braun is simply taking what is best about porn and mixing it with the best that is a fan film, which results in people going nuts over a picture of Wonder Woman that looks like Wonder Woman…