Sela Mathers returns to career as a teacher after her long stint in the clink. It seems like fate is determined to make her life difficult though as an impish Jack Frost comes unexpectedly into the Falseblood’s life. Should we give this book the cold shoulder or is it one we could warm up to? More after the jump!

Writer: Troy Brownfield
Artist: Salvador Velazquez & Gaetano Petrigno
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Colorist: Fran Gamboa
Editor: Matt Rogers
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Cover Price: $2.99

Previously in Grimm Fairy Tales: Trying to get back to her pedagogical roots, Sela was given the task of helping a selkie named Melena, an errant Highborn who was too impetuous and overconfident in her abilities to escape and evade humans. Ultimately, Sela couldn’t save Melena from that most vicious of enemies: oneself. In the end, Sela was beckoned to meet the mysterious stranger who gave her the task of trying to save the wayward selkie, warning that humans were becoming more dangerous every day after Venus’ dark plots.


Sela Mathers finds her old friend Shang to not only be very much alive, but also the one who sent her on the mission to help Melena. Offering her a job at the school he now resides over, Sela eagerly settles back into the role of teacher. She even manages to go on a date with the lacrosse coach. Yet, things inevitably begin to take a turn for the sinister when a well-known school bully is found flash frozen on campus.

Seeing as how this is the beginning of a new story-arc and a new chapter of Sela Mathers’ story altogether, we should expect to see new things from this title. Since the series began as a kind of Twilight Zone-esque one-shots, it would be nice to go back to simpler times that weren’t quite as intense as they are now. And this issue does that. It seems to pay homage to the Grimm Fairy Tales origins while simultaneously bringing in a fresh new feel. It’s very much a return to the basics and it’s kind of fun.

One thing that felt a little odd was the unceremonious dumping of Shang into Sela’s metaphorical lap. If you hadn’t read the Myths and Legends series, it would be a bit of a surprise to see him alive and well. However, the big reveal wasn’t exactly a big reveal. It was kind of a medium-sized reveal. It felt a little sloppy but, considering they’re introducing a new story arc and have little time, it was probably the best the reader was going to get.


One thing about the Zenescope titles is that the covers tend to look infinitely better than the interior of the books. It’s their trademark as far as art goes. With the exception of the occasional ‘grand finale’ type spread, the art is a little on the mediocre side. And, really, that’s okay for these books if that was the status quo.

However, coming to these books from the Wonderland or the Jungle Book series, it would be expected that the title that started it all would step it up in comparison. And with this new chance and chapter in Sela’s life in particular, it really would be a good time to change things up. That doesn’t happen here, though. The status quo is maintained and it’s a little disappointing.

Nevertheless, the character of Jack Frost looks visually promising. Generally in popular media, the character tends to be shown as an impish, but obviously human, figure. He might be a little blue in tint with an icicle motif, but he’s still human looking. Here, it’s different. He’s made of ice and there’s nothing friendly about him. He’s certainly not the one you want nipping at your nose, anyway.


This would be a good time to jump into the Grimm original series. It’s a new chapter and it pays homage to where it all started. If you’ve missed out on these books prior, and are a little familiar with the earliest issues, this is a good time to hop back on the GFT bandwagon. There’s an interesting plot brewing and it looks to be a good one.  Grimm Fairy Tales #83 earns 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Rating: ★★★½☆

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