ME WANT: Batman Coffee Table


A coffee table is the center piece of any living room, especially if you have part of your statue collection poised on top. Now the creme da la creme of all coffee tables is this table in the shape of Batman’s logo built by Charles Lushear.

Bohemian Workshop is the wood working company that has created a NES control coffee table before this, along with other great looking tables, mirrors, and ukuleles, and has now created this Batman table. The table was created in three different styles with two sets of legs and one painted black instead of the natural finish. Sadly, this wonderful piece of furniture is not for sale due to copyrights from DC/Warner Bros. This saddens me because I finally thought I found a replacement for my coffee table coffee-table-book.







Make sure to head over to Bohemian Workshop’s website to look at all of their beautiful creations.

via Geekologie