All morning long, I’ve had this nagging feeling in the back of my head, reminding me that I’ve forgotten something.  After several long nights (recording Critical Hit, recording the M.S.P., and a certain project I’ve been desperately researching the last 45 years of comics for) I decided to take the Widget to get sushi and ribs this morning.  As I returned home with a full stomach and a parcel from Hong Kong, it suddenly hit me:


Luckily for Faithful Spoilerites, though, I think quick on my feet, and live by the words of the late Severn Darden in the seminal film ‘Real Genius’:  “Always…  never…  forget to check your references.”  To that end, today’s query comes in honor of my short memory, as well as the memory gaps of our fictional friends, such as Doctor Richards’ neglected radiation shielding, Captain Grumby’s wayward map of Polynesia or Commander Riker’s misplaced space-razor.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced “Dai-nah-man”) also neglected to change the brake light in the van, now that I’m thinking of it, asking:  What’s the most important thing that any character in pop culture has ever forgotten? 


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  1. Weird Science: “We forgot to hook up the doll!”

    The Brady Bunch: When Greg gets his attic bedroom because the writers and cast apparently forgot that, in an earlier season, Mike makes reference to the fact that the attic could never be a bedroom because it is only a crawlspace.

    The Ultimate Universe: Tony Stark (and also the writers) has apparently forgotten which one of his many origins is the real one.

  2. I’d say spidey forgetting about the burglar running down the hall after his successful wrestling match until later that night.

    Or whozisbeak in Memento.

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