Munchkin is a dedicated deck card game by Steve Jackson Games, written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic, that has a humorous take on role-playing games.

In this installment – When does a game become too long, and it’s time for the listeners to get involved with another Munchkin Land contest! CONTEST! PRIZES! FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!


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The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the Munchkin system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

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  1. I think a good combo would be Munchkinpossible with Munchkin Space. The team has heard of a special event that they have all been invited to take part in, a la Rat Race or any story when the first person to a location wins. Wacky (racers) hi jinks ensue as the team builds machines to thwart each other along the way!
    Special rules? Draw all ships and vehicles from the deck at the start of the game, and shuffle them separately. Deal one randomly to each player. This is your vehicle for the entirety of the game, discard all others. If a card destroys or takes away your vehicle, tough! Hitch a ride from one of your buddies by stealing theirs if you can!
    First one through the Kessel Run (level 10) wins, even if you “walked”!

  2. I enjoy Cthulhu and Bites. Cthulhu has risen from beneath the waves and the only ones that can stop him now are the greatest monsters history has ever known.

    As the unnamed prize benefactor I am not trying to win one of the packs but I would love if you guys played this combo.

    p.s. Please use the special card I sent to nullify Zack’s Sack one of these games, he rolls far to many 7’s.

  3. “The voyange have been long. The crew feels nauseated as they get out of cryosleep and puts on theys suites and prepare to dock.
    The Marines are uneased by the pressense of the “specialist”. The Mutants and the strange Cat-people. Well they still have to prove their worth.
    Since the outbreak there have been no communication from the station and now the crew of USS Munchkin must discover what happened and if anyone is still alive???”

    This is of course a combination of Star Munchkin and Munchkin Bites.
    The two sets are very different so it’s played completly straight. Only this I do, is put a Monster Enhancers booster pack (or two) in the deck for extra Munchkinness.

    Allways loads of fun :)

  4. “The Cross Over of Cross Overs! You have seen X-men meet Star Trek! Doctor Who and Star Trek! Even Legion of Super Heroes…and Star Trek…. All properties that should not work together that sometimes do, but other times do not. On this special edition of Munchkin Land, brought to you my Major Spoilers, we have pulled all of our Comic industry strings to bring you the greatest comic cross over of all time!

    Axe Cop Vs Conan!

    What happens when an evil Mad Man rips a hole in time and space pushing our President of the World into the Hands of the Greatest Barbarian the World has ever known? Find out in this One, or Two depending on time, issue mini series brought to you by The Major Spoilers Network!”

    I would start everyone off with a class card. You want this to be as over the top and zany as possible. Maybe even have 2 players have an Axe Cop class and Two have one from Conan.

  5. Munchkin Zombies and Munchkin Bites! Creature of the Night!

    The zombies have grow tried of the glittering vampires and half naked werewolves run around and claiming the human race as their own. Rising from their grave, they are out to prove to the world that they are are scariest of them all. Can the zombies become a the “Thriller” of the night or will the vampire continue to suck the fun out humanity?

    Rule mod: Only creatures of the night can win, so no player that a human(Class-less) can reach Level 10, but humans won’t attack another human and a human (monster) will give that player a treasure instead but no level. But rule is not in play if that human is “transform” or “bitten” in to a creature of the night, (eg become Undead, were or etc). Mob, both were-beast and/or Zombie can join battle if that type is in battle.

  6. I would request combining standard deck of Munchkin with Star Munchkin + Clown Wars. No special rules.

    In 787 A.D. (of course it’s A.D.!), a group of four adventurers happen upon a cave in their travels. The walls shine like metal, rectangular panels throughout the passageway flicker and sputter like a Light spell cast by a neophyte mage of the Cerulean Academy. During their exploration, the four step onto a bizarre platform, and in an instant, their environs change from subterranean to astronomical. They’re on a spaceship! In space! And they’re hurtling towards the Sunstar!

    With no immediate way back home, they must brave this new location, soon discovering that they aren’t the first of their realm to be unwittingly transported here. As they gather loot, they will most certainly find themselves in the same predicament they have before, their greed and hunger for power causing them to forge uneasy alliances and exact vicious vengeance upon their foes, regardless whether the foe actually did them harm or not. It seems that the more things change, the more things stay the same, and only the strongest will reach the Single Capacity Escape Pod (Patent Pending) and leave this doomed derelict craft.

    Welcome… to Munchkin Land: Axes and Aliens

  7. Gotta say, though I generally agree that a good game is about an hour long, I do enjoy a solid game of Battlestar Galactica. It’s a 3-4 hour game that really holds it own during the whole length of play.

  8. Star Munchkin Apocalypse, It’s the end of the world and you can escape in your space ship! To escape you must have a ship, be level 7 or above and roll 1 Munchkin D6 twice and result in a total roll of 10 or higher (only 1 loaded die card may be used.) All other rules for game endings stand (level 10 and 7th seal.) Each player can choose either a class or a race to start the game with before hands are dealt.

    It’s the end of the world! (again) The planet is becoming a wasteland and you must find a way to survive. Lucky for you those that were able to escape before the apocalypse left behind some fancy technology that can assist you in your survival. Will you escape on a fancy spaceship? Will you just outlast your companions? Or will the 7th seal open and swallow you all into the abyss?

  9. OK, this is nutty – but go with me:

    It’s the late 60’s early 70’s, you’ve been retained by your government. Your mission that you have accepted is to go to Japan and investigate and if possible stop E-MASM (eeee mass M) (Evil Martial Arts and Survellince Munchkins)… to do this you will need to use new world gadgetry and old world techniques… (imagine You only Live Twice meets Enter the Dragon)

    Yes, we’re talking about Munchkin-Fu and Munchkin Impossible – These two aren’t wholly loved seperately, but together – they’ll either be fabulous, or disaster –> Either way is GREAT podcasting :)

    Happy Gaming!

  10. I think you guys should put together Munchkin Fu, Zombie Munchkin, and The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin to finally make Steven’s dreams of a Kung Fu Zombie Western a Reality.

  11. As Codex finally agrees to have a date with Zaboo, she finds that her entire guild has shown up! If that wasn’t bad enough, all Hell breaks loose at Cheesy Beard’s, and our favorite crew is thrown into this week’s Munchkin Land!

    This would be the original Munchkin, mixed with Munchkin Booty and The Guild booster pack.

    Special Rules: Class cards play as normal, but races and accents play together without any special cards. Therefore, it is possible to be a Spanish speaking Merchant Elf.

  12. As someone who has run hundreds of munchkin games they average 60-120 minutes depending on number of players and familiarity with the set, this can easily double when combining sets.

  13. Kung Fu, the TV Series. This is Munchkin Fu and The Good, The Bad, and The Munchkin combination. There are two variants, depending upon whether you want to take cards out of the decks or use the full straight decks.

    Variant #1 removes all Yakuza and Samurai classes, plus all cards “used only by” those two classes. The rationale is that they are Japanese, not Chinese. (Yes, I know that Ninja are Japanese too, but the series had assassins, so Ninja count as Chinese Assassins in this variant.)

    Remove all Hong Kong … cards, as well as Jogira and Mecha-Ninja.

    Variant #2 is just use everything from both expansions. Yakuza count as San Francisco Tong Gang members and Samurai count as Imperial Guardsman Warriors. The Mecha-Ninja is a clockwork automaton and if you draw Jogira, you have to figure out what it is!

    Personally, I like including GBM2, as I think adding Cavalry is good for the game; it is good to have someone that gets benefit from helping others (like the Elf), especially as it can offset someone that plays Outlaw and works actively to see people fail (I’m lookin’ at yew Rob!).

    I do not have MF2 (Monkey Business) yet, so I cannot speak to what, if anything to include.

    I think MF is a good companion for GBM, which has the problem of having only one modifier to the Munchkin (Class), unlike others in the series which have two or more (Class and Style, in the case of MF).

    Allowing all classes to have styles just means that the “Westerner” is an Eastern version (e.g. Chinese Cowboy, Chinese Dude, etc.). Everybody can know some kind of kung fu in Kung Fu, the TV Series!

  14. “The seas have become restless with the amount of trouble being had out there. Many ships have had their cargo stolen by pirates as they try to take anything that isn’t nailed down. THey have stopped many areas from getting food and supplies in trade. Now the towns have come through with a plan to set everything right. They have hired a group to help take out the pirates. They have a special set of skills. They are trained in the martial arts! These Munchkins will use their unique fighting style to help take down the pirates, along with anyone else that gets in their way!”

    Of course MunchkinFu and Munchkin Booty combining could make for a great gameplay experience.

  15. Isaac Escamilla on


    My choice for a fantastic mash-up game involves Super Munchkin and Munchkin Bites.

    Super Munchkin: powers and classes

    Munchkin Bites: races and powers

    Set in a time of munchkin peace and happiness in Munchkin Metropolis. Our heroes have been taking care of business… everyday, which has upset the criminal underground. Frankly, this has pissed off the constantly monkey wrenched would be super villains. To mend things back into the enemies favor Doctor Deathbreath has pledged allegiances with Azmodeus and his vile monsters and undead minions.

    Meeeeeanwhile across the city…

    A trap was set for our four heroes and their trusty sidekicks. They were lured to a warehouse alarm. As they set foot into the shady abandoned warehouse a dark portal rips open sucking our mighty munchkins into it.

    As they fall into a world of darkness they stumble over the dismembered bodies of Sam and Dean Derringer the famed supernatural hunters. Lightning strikes in the distance revealing a tower of evil calling to them. Atop of the tower another dark portal glows.

    Will our heroes survive the evil tower teeming with villains and supernatural monsters?

    Will they find their way home?

    Find out this time on MUNCHKIN LAND!!!

    Additional rules:
    Every player starts out with a randomly picked sidekick. Return all unpicked sidekicks to their respected decks.

    House rules:
    Hermaphrodite Rule. If anyone player has been hit with both sex change cards they have the -5 toward their next combat. BUT they are also able to use both male and female powers and items. Anything that could affect a gender will affect this player. You have all the advantages and disadvantages of each genders.This change is permanent.

    Thanks for Major Spoilers network. You guys make my work days bearable. Keep up the awesome podcasting. Just recently started listening to Critical Hit and now I’m hooked and wanna play. Torq RULZ!

  16. Munchkin Bites and Super Munchkin definitely needs to be played. Remember the show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”? That’s the setting. Vampires and monsters, super heroes and villains, the mix is definitely perfect for the setting. The only other rule is you must describe powers as somehow being fitting within the Buffy-verse, either as some spell, or some monster’s ability, or being the slayer (description use able by females only), something along those lines, otherwise the power cannot be used by you (until you figure out a way to word it, which shouldn’t be too hard for true munchkins).

  17. Super heroes are a constant threat in the world. Battles destroying entire city blocks at a time, X-Ray vision creeping through your walls “for your protection,” and all manner of problems that arise from having super powered hooligans running around unchecked

    The government has finally had enough. They’ve designated a small team of spies to infiltrate and gather intel on these so called “heroes”

    Join Super Munchkin and Munchkin Impossible. Everyone starts out as a spy, so give them a cover and an accent. They can gain powers later (it happens sometimes if you’re around super heroes enough) and decide to either use them to bring ruin to the heroes, or turn on their fellow spies. The choices are limitless!

  18. Sukiyaki Munchkin Django!!!! Munchin Fu and The Good the bad and the Minchkin. Far East meets Wild West when a Sheriff from Texas gets dropped in the middle of Japan. The town is over run by a gang of thugs and it is up to our hero to save the day.

    Extra rule 1. High roll starts with the Sheriff’s badge.

    Extra rule 2. If lost it gets shuffled into the deck

    Extra rule 3. A sheriff gets 1 extra card in hand their hand. If you lose the badge you lose the extra card and must discard instantly.

  19. Munchkin Booty crossed with Munchkin Fu to create the ultimate grudge match: Pirates vs. Ninjas!

    Extra rule 1: each player will start with a class, and there must be an equal number of each side (in this case, 2 Fu, 2 Booty) chosen by preference or chance. Once a side is picked you can only change classes within that side.

    Extra rule 2: single use cards played against the rival side are worth double if played cross deck
    For example: If you play a +3 Fu modifier against a Booty monster it is worth +6

    Obviously, being a munchkin, you’re out for yourself primarily, but less inclined to help your rivals than your “teammate”.

  20. I think munchkin booty mixed with munchkin zombies with a Cthulhu monster or two thrown in to make a pirates of the Caribbean blend.


    It’s the year 2500 and Humans have begun to explore space. During the exploration the crew of the USS H’zard land on a planet that houses the ruins of a recently extinct civilization. As the crew explores the planet to determine what happened an accident causes the bodys littering the ruins to reanimate. As time runs short the crew must return to the ship before they get bit.

    Blending of Star Munchkin and Munchkin Zombies.

  22. Maybe a blending of Original with Zombies to have a classic dnd game? What dnd games are not without the heros fighting zombies. And to make it fun the heros can turn into zombies to fight their friends. Someone else stole my idea for Good, Bad and Munchkin and Space Munchkin and play a Cowboys vs Aliens game.

  23. Three days ago, you all received a special invitation to the ultimate fighting competition held on a secret island in the phillipines. Only the best fighters in the world have received such an invitation with the promise of fame and glory for the champion. This isn’t going to be a simple MMA competition however, there are rumors of fighters with insane special powers that defy the laws of nature. Many will enter, only one shall win.

    Combine Super Munchkin and Munchkin Fu.

    Every player starts with a style or power which will be their “signature move”, this should be done in the same manner that classes were chosen in the Western/Cthulu game, take turns drawing until you find a power or style you can currently use. Added bonus for giving your country of origin, and the character’s Mortal Kombat-esque name.

  24. Also, added bonus for random munchkin-efied fighting game sayings:


    “Runawayless Victory!”

    “Cheat over here!” (Scorpion saying Get Over Here)

    stuff like that.

  25. How about space pirates? You could mix booty with star munchkin. The setup and flavor would be easy. Plus I bet Rob would love acting like an evil bounty hunter, and constantly raining on young Zach’s parade.

  26. I really think Booty & Apocalypse wound be great! Not only are there the sharks in both of them, but the story is cool too!

    In a world where the end is coming, most of the population decided to meet their fate with plundering and pillaging! Accept your fate, the world is going to end anyway, you may as well be the richest one around!

  27. From the deepest dungeon to the farthest star, the Munchkin reputation is known by all.
    In fact, it is known so well that an honest to goodness Munchkin can’t get a companion to turn their back long enough for a Munchkin to do what a Munchkin does best…backstabbing and stealing.
    So in the tradition of the Assassin’s Creed series, we have set our Munchkin Blenders to 88mph and have gone back to the past, so that we may backstab present and steal the future!
    We bring you Munchkin Black Flag. A combination of the core sets from Munchkin Impossible and Munchkin Booty. History is written by the victors; so get your loyalties straight and work on your accents.
    Special Rules for the Munchkin Black Flag
    1. You can have “Accents” and “Loyalties” in play at the same time, but when you do so, you must attempt a bad accent.
    2. When cards state that there is a special effect concerning “British”, it doesn’t matter if you have a British Accent or Loyalty they both English enough to take effect. Barmy!
    Remember, it’s not cheating…if you go back in time and make it that way from the start.

  28. Standard Munchkin with the The Guild and Conan expansion boosters. Yeah… The Guild and Conan in the most epic Munchkin crossover ever! No special rules, just go for it.

  29. Hopefully I am not too late for this.

    Imagine this, after your last mission successfully protecting your nation, you have been given some time off for some rest and relaxation. However while you are sitting back on the cruise liner in your swimsuit and sandals drinking your vodka martini (shaken not stirred) your ship is beset upon by some unscrupulous villains threatening the safety all off the passengers on the cruise liner. PIRATES! Will you use your wits and cunning to stop the pirates, will you join with the pirates since after all government work doesn’t pay the best after budget cuts, or will you be a turncoat/double-agent for either side. It is Bond, James Bond versus Jones, Davey Jones in this adventure. Double O Seven Sea’s.

    The Details,
    Munchkin Impossible plus Munchkin Booty. You can have either a loyalty or an accent (So you can either be British or just sound British) along with your usual class.


  30. Paige Herrmann on

    The year is 1762 and the international community is facing something darker than pirates on the Atlantic. The world powers might think that enemy pirates are the most dangerous things they’ll have to address, but little do they know that their petty squabbles will be meaningless if the cultists have their way. Pirates everywhere hear whispers of ungodly beasts with faces like squids that drive men insane. Tales are swapped at ports of a ring of men and women determined to raise an ancient god. Will the munchkins join these cultists or fight off the horrors from beyond?

    I suggest Munchkin Booty and Munchkin Cthulhu.

    Special Rules:
    Everyone starts with an Accent. Maybe they were sent by their government to take out cultists from other nations, or perhaps their homeland means nothing to them. Either way, like it or not, every munchkin comes from somewhere.

    It’s hard to resist becoming a cultist once they have you in their sights. There may be one on your ship or they may be one in port, but once they want you, it’s only a matter of time. Cultist cards are played like curses. If you draw one face-up you acquire it, for better or worse. If you are a super-munchkin with two classes you may keep one of your classes.

    Legend speaks of a ring that can cure any madness- without the mutiny required for a blow to your captain’s head. A wishing ring can cure you of being a cultist, however, you can only play them on yourself.

    Hope you like it.

  31. Original Munchkin vs. Star Munchkin. Time has broken. The past and the future collide!

    Special Rule: Two of the players pick Original Munchkin races & classes while the others pick Star Munchkin races & classes. These cards cannot be removed.

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