SNEAK PEEK: BOOM! Studios for March 27, 2013


BOOM! Studios released a sneak peek of Deathmatch #4 and Peanuts #7, that you can check out, after the jump.

Deathmatch #04
Written by Paul Jenkins
Drawn by Carlos Magno
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $1.00
COVER A: Whilce Portacio
COVER B: Carlos Magno
Diamond Code: JAN13 0959

THE FIRST ARC OF THE SMASH HIT ENDS HERE! Factions have formed. Lines have been drawn. And now, violence has spilled outside of the arena, as all hell breaks loose in the deathmatch prison. Written by industry legend Paul Jenkins (SENTRY, INHUMANS) and drawn by comics superstar Carlos Magno (PLANET OF THE APES, TRANSFORMERS), DEATHMATCH is a dark, psychological deconstruction of the superhero genre that can’t be missed.

Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_1 Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_2 Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_3 Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_4 Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_5 Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_6 Deathmatch_04_preview_Page_7

Peanuts Vol 2 #7
Written by Charles Schulz, Mona Koth, Shane Houghton, Vicki Scott
Art by Matt Whitlock, Mona Koth, Vicki Scott
SC, 32pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Vicki Scott & Paige Braddock
COVER B: Vicki Scott & Paige Braddock
Diamond Code: JAN13 0989

Rock and Bowl! The Peanuts gang is headed to the bowling alley, and no one wants to win that coveted tournament trophy like Charlie Brown! If you’re looking for laughs, this issue is a full strike!

Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_1 Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_2 Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_3 Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_4 Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_5 Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_6 Peanuts_V2_07_preview_Page_7

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