We’ve all been there, the broken romance, the failed marriage, the parting of ways. Hopefully during those breaks, everyone can move on with their lives, but sometimes, just sometimes when the new love walks in the door, the ex-significant other goes on the rampage.  In comics, there are a number of exes who have gone ballistic over the years, and this week, we’re throwing two of them in the ring and seeing who walks out the winner.


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  1. I think this would be a close fight. While Carol Ferris would have a vast amount of power, I think Betty Ross would be able to best use her She-Rulk-ness to expand the Star Sapphire’s power to the limit, while keeping her mind in check.

  2. A wise man once told me, ” When in doubt, pick the one who can shoot laser beams.” This make Star Sapphire the obvious choice for me. Also, Violet is just so much more attractive than RED will ever be and that has to factor in when we’re talking about the ladies…

  3. It is hard to fight somebody who can fling you into outer space without getting near you. Star Sapphire gets the win for that reason. If Carol is dumb enough to allow She-Rulk to get within punching distance is the only way this changes.

  4. Putting my GL love aside, I still had to pick Star Sapphire. Sure, Red She-Hulk has the physical upper hand, but the Star Sapphire power makes the fight unfair. It is like bringing a nuclear bomb to a knife fight.

    Now if you were to de-power the ladies and let them fight, I’d have to side with Betty.

  5. I voted for Betty only because I’m really enjoying the direction Jeff Parker has taken Red She-Hulk. I’d hate to see her get creamed by some DC goon.

  6. Sydness nailed it.
    Create a duplicate image as a feint, fling She-Rulk into space, if her lungs don’t explode, push her into the sun.

    • Strength means nothing if the person you are fighting can create force fields, lasers, etc. and pretty much manipulate light and energy. Star Sapphie wouldn’t even have to be in the same country as Red She Hulk to launch her in to space.

      But it isn’t really a fair match up here unless both ladies were de-powered, in which case I’d bet on Betty.

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