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Hey kids, parents, teachers, and comic fans, the KIDS COMIC CON 7 (KCC 7) is rocketing to earth on Saturday, May 11 at Bronx Community College from 10 a,m to 6 p.m.
Why the outer space reference?

Because this year our theme is: Sci-Fact to Sci-Fiction, Where Creativity and Technology Meet.

Kids will be able to meet with over 30 acclaimed artists who use different forms of science and technology to create comics, animation, video games, puppets, and more. And this year admission is totally FREE — making the KIDS COMIC CON one of the best entertainment values around!

KCC creator and founder Alex Simmons, writer for Archie, Scooby-Doo, and Tarzan, among others, said he’s particularly excited about this year’s KIDS COMIC CON and related activities.

“Since 2007 our annual event has introduced thousands of kids and families to the power of imagination and creativity,” he said. “Our road shows have traveled from Upstate New York to Miami Florida, to Senegal in Africa. This year, we’re developing programming for students and teachers in the West Indies, and continue to bring interactive programming to Ronald McDonald House NYC and partner with them, and others, in its fight for children against cancer. At the convention this year we extend our global scope by screening a documentary about comics in Guatemala.”
Featured events include:

KCC 7 Patrolled By NEW CRUSADERS! The creators of Archie Comics’ sci-fi superheroes will be there to answer questions, sketch, and share an inside peek of their creation.

Around the Corner to SESAME STREET! Come meet members of the Jim Henson/Sesame Street creative team. Learn how they work with the Muppets, and much more.

Expand your reading library with an on-site SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR! Representatives from Scholastic will be on hand with special offers just for KCC attendees!

Notable guests at this year’s event include veteran editors Jim Salicrup and Joan Hilty, artist Rick Parker, Louis Mitchell and Diana Leto from Sesame Workshop, Karen Falk from the Jim Henson Company and a variety of writers, artists and editors from Archie Comics including Suzannah Rowntree, Alex Simmons, Jamal Peppers, Alitha Martinez, Ryan Jampole, Joe Morciglio, Angelo DeCesare and Paul Castiglia.

“KCC’s primary goal is to promote reading, creativity, and exploration in kids’ lives,” Simmons added. “Now more than ever it is imperative that young people embrace a continuous flow of positive ideas, skills, and outlets for their thinking as well as self-esteem. This year we’ve found even more people who share these ideas and goals so come share the day and the magic.”

The 2013 KIDS COMIC CON is set for May 11 at Bronx Community College, 181st Street and University Avenue, Bronx, NY from 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Admission is FREE. For additional information and up-to-the-minute programming updates, please visit


Alex Simmons (comics creator/writer, creator of KCC)
Alitha Martinez (artist, Marvel, DC, Archie, etc)
Angelo DeCesare (comic writer and artist, Archie, Flip’s Fantastic Journal)
Archie Comics (meet artist for NEW CRUSADERS series)
Barbara Brandon-Croft (syndicated cartoonist)
Bronx Heroes (comics creator/artist Ray Felix)
Danny Fingeroth (comic book writer and editor)
Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred)
Diana Leto (Sesame Street creative team)
Guardians of the City (kids creating heroes to guard their neighborhood)
HB Comics (LazerMan comics)
Jamal Peppers (artist on Archie’s Sonic)
James Sherman (designer, artist, comic books, storyboards for live-action & animation)
Jesus Marquez (comic artist)
Jim Salicrup (Papercutz)
JMG Studio (multimedia studio – FriendFish children’s books, comics, animation)
Joan Hilty (freelance editor, DC and others)
Joe Endres (comic artist)
Karen Falk (writer, archivist for Jim Henson Company)
Larry Brown (giving a demonstration in archery)
Louis Mitchell (Sesame Street creative team)
Mark Mariano (Happyloo)
Mindy “Indy” Steffan (comic artist)
N Steven Harris (Voltron artist)
Noel McNeal (puppeteer for Sesame Street, Big Blue Bear, Between the Lions)
Paul Castiglia (comic writer and editor)
Rick Parker (comic artist)
Ryan Jampole (artist – Mega Man, New Crusaders)
Sam Ita (creator/artist for pop-up books)
Suzannah Rowntree (comic artist and editor)
Tim Field (animator – Molly’s Rocket)
Viz Media (publishers of Redaki, Max Steel, and more)

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