It was an important span of hours for future zombie flick World War Z as a trailer made its way on to the Internet right after the poster. Zombie fighting goodness is ready for you right after the jump!


I didn’t know this, but with that last scene I can only assume World War Z and Iron Man 3 are really just one long movie.

So, what are your take aways? Has Brad Pitt and company stuck to the Max Brooks’ novel? Do you want to be in line for when this releases? Go to the comments!

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  1. I plan to see it, I looks like I will be entertained if nothing else.
    I have not read the book, I will make sure to read it before I see the movie

    • If you read it before you see the movie, you won’t want to see the movie anymore.

      If you listen to the audiobook before you see the movie, you won’t need to see the movie at all.

  2. I think they’ll have this character’s story in the world created by Max Brooks. The book doesn’t tell a story as much as it creates a setting with a bunch of short stories around the globe. I think the movie will be Pitt’s character’s story using bits of the book for background and book tie-in. I’ll see it. Probably multiple times. But not because its related to the book. That relationship is flimsy at best. It just looks awesome.

  3. I hope it’s good cuz another zombie movie? Enh!
    Vampires, Mummies, Zombies no love for the Black Lagoon Creature though.

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