Well, the results are in and it looks like Rodrigo at least got his second choice. Enchantment is the winner and that is what we will be helping to create with the You Make the Card program. Now, we are going to be looking at color, but there’s a change in this round, which we will explain after the jump.

As always, here’s the card in it’s current form.

That card there is pretty blank, but we can change that as the next vote will be on the color of the Enchantment. However, as I mentioned earlier, there will be a not so subtle change in this round. This is where the discussion portion is going to kick off as the polls aren’t going to open until April 2nd. Wizards wants to get a lot of discussion going on this between now and then, so we here at Major Spoilers will not let them down. Three of us have an argument this week, let’s go ahead and hear them.



Red or Black. In terms of affecting the game overall, I believe these two colors have the most potential to hurt your opponents and put the game in your favor because they focus so much on damage and life loss. Additionally, Gatecrash offered some really great Enchantments such as Crackling Perimeter and Dying Wish, but otherwise the expansion didn’t have a lot of really powerful single-color Enchantments in these color-suites. I guess it all really comes down to play-style, and if you’re like me you enjoy black control, high-power creatures, and board management. Red and/or Black Enchantments bring effects to the table that win you the game. It’s that simple.


This actually took me a considerable amount of thought before I came to a conclusion. I have to go with my preferred color of play and say Blue. Blue enchantments are the craziest. Just look at Omniscience, Eye of the Storm, or we can go old and hit Delusions of Mediocrity. All three of those are the odd kind of thing you can get away with on a Blue Enchantment. Or, if we aren’t feeling too wild, we can look at things like Mind Control, Jace’s Erasure, or Treasure Trove. The variety of what we can get out of Blue is just astounding. If we really want a chance to have fun, Blue is the obvious choice.


I’m going to go with Green here. Again, all modern design for the game focuses on creatures. Green, traditionally is the creature color, which means that we can see any number of things that will either statically help creatures, create new creatures, or cause interesting effects during combat.


Well, what do you think? Make sure to leave a comment below!


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