The recent return of Vibe kind of puzzles me.  On the one hand, Vibe is something of a one-note gimmick character, “the break-dancing superhero,” a street kid straight out of the youth center that Ozone and Turbo saved in ‘Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo, with a limited power-set and some truly stupid stories in his catalogue.  On the other, I’ve always kind of liked him, and found his bravado and his original horrible Reagan-era puffy fashion victim costume to be kind of endearing, in a way.  Of course, there are a lot of really bad fashions in comics, anyway, what with Batman’s “trunks on the outside” (an affectation adapted from Superman, who took it from the carnival strongman costumes of the Great Depression), Storm’s early 80s punk phase (leather and a mohawk actually work for her, depending on the artist) and the various high-top fades of the 1990s.  (Bonus points if they shaved their superhero symbol INTO them!)  There’s a large chunk of late 60s/early 70s Supergirl and Wonder Woman comics that I only ever want to read to see what abomination they’ve stuck Kara Zor-El in this week, and perhaps imagine Michael Kors declaring her to be “a girl scout den-mother at a hooker’s funeral in Milan!”  (Supergirl’s Michael Turner jailbait suit should probably also get a name check, here.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) will confer with you vis a vis those things that it is interested in and/or seeking, asking: What’s the most ridiculous fashion trend to affect pop culture?


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  1. from this decade: crocs. or t-shirts with tinfoil on them.

    when i was a kid, the kriss-kross thing happened at my school too, and some kids went for just about a day doing the backwards-pants thing before realizing how dumb it was. i think they even changed back in the bathroom halfway through the day.

    and for the record, i love punk Storm.

  2. The Kriss Kross backwards pants thing has already been mentioned, but I have to agree that it just seemed silly to me even then. A couple of friends who tried it switched back before the course of the day was over.

    Also, while I do enjoy loose fitting pants, the overly baggy pants (like some Jnco pants) bothered me as well. I had a few pair and kept tripping over the excess material. I know quite a few guys that also had the same problem (including a friend who broke his nose from falling down the stairs in our school due to the over baggy Jnco pants).

  3. Definitely the baggy pants hanging around your thighs. I don’t even care about having to see someone’s skibbies, it’s the impracticality that gets me. Most of them are having to hold their pants in place with one hand, it can’t be that comfortable, and walking would just be that much more difficult.

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