There is a saying in Kansas, regarding seasonal change:  If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.  Never has that been more true than during the last week, where I went from 80 degree temps to slow flurries in a matter of days.  Still, with Kansas officially entering the season of Spring on Wednesday, my co-workers have already begun commenting on how it shouldn’t be cold anymore, as though we’ve crossed a meridian from lion to lamb and the weather patterns should be forced to comply.  Still, given that the warming months also bring with them severe weather (including our legendary tornadoes, so powerful they’ll knock your @$$ from sepia-tone to Technicolor), I have no problem dealing with a little more cool weather.  Still and all, part of my ever-analytical forebrain watches as the world around me transitions from snow removal to road repair, and anticipates the return of the sundresses and window-rollin’-down weather.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) had something clever to say here, but found that Sonnet 18 is all about a SUMMER’S day, which totally hoses the metaphor, asking: What’s the most wonderful time of the year in your eyes?


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  1. Fall. Those two weeks when the leaves are brilliant red, orange, and yellow. The days are warm-ish and the nights are crisp. Throw in an evening rain storm in the process, and it’s magical. Of course I live in Kansas and there are only three places in the state where this happens – none of them near me.

  2. Those two little weeks of Spring we get here in Kansas. Where the sun shines all day instead of the snow or storm, the temp is pleasant whether it’s day or night instead of the blistering heat coming in for the Summer, and even the horrid Kansas wind takes a break to get ready for Tornado Season.

  3. Any non-typhoon day in Guam. Highs in 80’s, lows in 70’s with a light breeze all day. Just enough to make the palm leaves sway. There are two seasons there: typhoon & non-typhoon.

  4. I know most people find it gloomy, but I love the Pacific North-West right after it stops raining, when everything is shiny from the rain. Hiking in the woods with my dog and camping in temperate rainforest in the spring is my version of heaven.

    • The problem about spring in Colorado is that it seems rather indecisive about when it actually starts. Some of the worst blizzards I have encountered happened in late March. Sans forest fires, I find summer much more enjoyable.

  5. Despite what it does to my allergies, I love the fall season leading in to winter. The weather isn’t too cold, but not too hot either. There are far fewer tornadoes and harsh thunderstorms, the leaves turn all sorts of lovely colors and then there is Halloween somewhere in there.

  6. Autumn, because “Winter is Coming”

    Also because it finally stops raining, I hate rain, give me a good snow storm every day of the week but rain? Hell no.

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