PAX East is this weekend, it starts pretty soon actually, and Wizards of the Coast has a slew of activities going on with their different games. First off, we’ll take a look at what’s going to be happening with Kaijudo, Rise of the Duel Masters after the jump. A bit later today we’ll likely see some more info come out.

Let’s just go ahead and look at what Wizards has to offer this weekend straight from the.

Kaijudo is heading to Boston for PAX East this weekend!

This is your chance to compete in Kaijudo league play, battle in tournaments, and participate in some awesome demos from the highly qualified game staff! You could even win some great prizes and awards, as well as a sneak peek at an uncut sheet!

Kaijudo Demos (All Weekend in the TCG Area)

New to Kaijudo? No problem! All weekend long our fantastic Kaijudo gaming staff will be demoing the TCG. Here is your chance to begin testing your skills as a duel master and discover magical creatures from another realm. Each participant that completes a demo will receive a sample deck to get started. Those decks can also be used in the PAX Kaijudo League.

PAX Kaijudo League (All Weekend in the TCG Area)

Join the Kaijudo league and duel against your peers! Players will be provided 3 boosters to add to their sample deck. After each battle is complete, both players will receive cards to add to their deck.

Kaijudo Tournament (Sunday, 12pm-3pm in the TCG Area)

Let the tournaments begin! Battle in the tournament for a chance to win Promo cards signed by Wizard’s very own Kaijudo R&D team. Everyone will get a signed foil card and the winner will receive a foil uncut sheet.

Looks to me like if you happen to be lucky enough to be one of the PAX East attendees and you would like to learn more about Kaijudo or just play with some new people then you’d best find the TCG Area.


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