For those of you who follow my Twitter feed (@mightykingcobra), first of all, I apologize for whatever offended you, as the odds are I said something that did.  But, secondly, you will probably also be aware of and/or sick of hearing about my latest collection obsession, Bandai Ranger Keys from a television series that I shan’t mention because it always provokes mockery from Stephen.  As a comic book collector, I always found the real fun to be in the thrill of the hunt, haunting used bookstores and yard sales in the hopes of finding that elusive Action #374 or Hulk #161.  In the modern era of Ebay, I don’t even have to leave my Sofa Of Solitude to get a copy of Miracleman #24, which leaves me somehow saddened at change.  Still, I still get a thrill when I can find an item at a decent price, like yesterday’s acquisition of a Black Condor Ranger Key at less than 1/4th of the going (or is that gauging?) rate.

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) hates the tricksy hobbitses, rotten tricksy hobbiteses all, who would steal his preeeciousssss, asking:  What item have you acquired (or would you WISH to acquire) as the crown jewel of your collection?


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  1. SmarkingOut Adam on

    I’d really like the variant cover of Uncanny X-Men #522, with Kitty Pryde riding that bullet thing. That was the issue Magneto brought her back from outer space. It’s only $50 or so, but that’s a lot for me to spend on something I don’t use for anything. It’s really cool, though.

  2. I got my Black Condor Ranger Key for less that 4/4th the gouging price, but in fairness it was a gift from someone who lives in Japan (as my entire Ranger Key collection has been).

    Of my Ranger Key collection, I’m quite fond of the Kamen Rider keys, my DekaSwan key and both versions of AkaRed (30th and 35th Anniversary appearance versions).

    I’m also quite fond of my Lantern rings that were sent to me by a certain member of the MS crew (again, thank you for those). Sure, they were just the same promo rings everyone could get, but as I don’t live anywhere near a comic shop I missed out on most of the rings and didn’t have the funds to fill the gaps due to med bills.

    I also have a binder of the complete set of Unglued Magic: The Gathering cards. It may not be worth that much, but it was a gift from someone who is no longer with us, so it holds a great deal of sentimental worth to me.

  3. Action figure wise: Sideshow Collectibles 1/6th scale Boba Fett. Achievable at some point, but I can’t justify $200 for a figure.

    Comic wise: I’m not much of a collector, but it would be nice to fill out my Saga / Fatale issues. Don’t have #1s of either. They’re too spendy right now so I’m hoping things will settle down and I can get something for cheap on ebay

  4. In terms of comics: Flash Vol. 1 #112 The first appearance of my favorite DCU character the Elongated Man. In terms of toys, and so forth… that’s a toughie, because I don’t think I’ll see a Bouncing Boy figure from Matty Collector anytime soon.

  5. My stupid new collecting obsession is mass-market paperbacks of newspaper strips. They are inexpensive (under $10), even for very old items, you can find them in many used book stores. my current desire is to find the other two PBs of the ‘Grin and Bear It’ after finding the first. For a strip that ran for as long as that has it has only 3 collections to date, none more recent than 1970. I loved that strip, and my dad did too. Nostalgia.

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