Edgar Wright brought the idea of an Ant-Man movie to Marvel and it apparently had so much potential they decided to throw it into the new Marvel Movie Universe. It seems that early footage of the film has leaked on to the Internet, so hurry up and watch the video before the suits yank it down!

UPDATE: Less than an hour and Disney has taken it down.  Sorry, but if you saw it, you now have an idea of what Edgar Wright is planning.

UPDATE 2: Vimeo has the video now, so you have yet another chance to watch the video.


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  1. I’ll hold off any excitement until I know for sure this isn’t another hoax “leaked clip”. It looked good, but so have several of the fake “leaked” clips of other movies fans waited for.

      • I do hope it is because it looked great, but I’m just a bit weary because there have been a few similar leaks under similar circumstances where it ended up being a very well made hoax by skilled people with too much time on their hands.

        It did look great, though, and I do hope that is the sort of thing we can expect when it does come to the big screen.

  2. I liked it. From the 50’s-ish opening, and the muted colors, to the suit (though I can’t attest to the accuracy of the suit), and the style of the action. And with Mr Wright calling the shots, it can’t help but be kinetic, charming, and funny.
    But it’s early days yet, and it’s only 60 seconds of footage. However, my interest is considerably greater now than it has been.

    • The original size changing mechanism for Pym used special atomic particles in a a gas suspension that he inhaled to change size. Only later did his body retain the ability after repeat usage.

  3. Does everybody in the Marvel universe land on their feet like Spiderman?
    Other than that looks pretty good. I’d like to Warner counter with The Atom.

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