Top Five #039: Sidekicks

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If you are going to go through life, it always helps to have a sidekick.


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  1. What’s the point of coming up with my own Top Five while listening to your Top Five and hoping you guys don’t pick the ones I have, only to hear them blurted out in your “Also-Ran’s” Oh, well. Here’s mine independent of your actual Top Five Sidekicks:
    5) Dr. Hal Emmerich (a.k.a. Otacon) from Metal Gear Solid
    4) Harley Quinn
    3) Bernardo
    2) Rose Tyler
    1) Dr. John Watson

  2. You guys did do something like this with the “second fiddles” episode, but there are so many good ones you could do several more and not get all the good ones.

    Here’s mine:

    5) Walter the Robot – Judge Dredd needs no sidekick but nevertheless has his life saved on numerous occasions by this robot with a speech impediment.

    4) Dogmeat from Fallout – “Deathclaw? Come at me bro.” he also helps you find loot. Good dog!

    3) Dr. John Watson – Throughout all the adaptations, Watson has been the perfect foil for the crazy Holmes

    2) Jake the dog – Finn wouldn’t be the adventurer he is without him. Several episodes have explored this concept and it shows that Finn really needs his talking magic dog.

    1) Samwise Gamgee – Hetero life mate who does all the cooking, Frodo wouldn’t have made it without him.

  3. Somewhat similar to Top 5 Second Bananas, but you guys came up with some interesting choices, so I’m not complaining.

  4. I gotta say, For a second, when Stephen was talking about a Texas Ranger with a minority sidekick I thought he was going to say James Trivette from Walker Texas Ranger. Also, Silver Hawks was the best Rodrigo!!!

    Anyway, her is my top 5 sidekicks

    5.) Ghost – game of thrones – Super awesome giant wolf that stalks silently by your side and just kills stuff for you and lets you go on ride-alongs inside his head.

    4.) Krillin – He always has Goku’s back even when out-classed. He even becomes sidekick to Goku’s 8yr old son while Goku is dead. He may not be the strongest, but he never goes down without a fight, and if you think about it, he is just a human going toe to toe with some of the universes most ridiculously powerful super life-forms.

    3.) Short-round – Indiana Jones – growing up Short-round was that hope that a rogue archeologist or scientist or any other super cool adventurer would come take you on adventures. Also, having been driving since before I could reach the pedals and/or see over the wheel at the same time without the use of boosters or blocks, I can relate. And for bonus, I had a Korean geology professor who quoted him in class in perfect Engrish saying , “ I no touch shit!!!” priceless.

    2.) R2D2 – best co-pilot/repairs guy/messenger and comes with his own sidekick. R2 is fearless, and a veritable Swiss Army Knife of tools and weapons for any situation and has loyalty to family that no other droid has ever shown.

    1.) Oberon – Iron druid chronicles – In a nutshell, the story of a 2000yr old druid in modern times… adventures/misadventures/battles with gods happen. Oberon is his Irish wolfhound (google image that). He is my #1 because A.) I want one. B.) Because the main character can link to the dog mentally and he taught the dog to think in English. C.) He does awesome things like reference starwars, admire Genghis Khan for both his conquering skills and his harem, subsequently wanting his own harem (of French Poodles), and wondering why werewolves can’t be good respectable K-9s and accept treats a payment. His comedic value is on par with any other sidekick out there, and when It comes down to it, he is still a giant dog bred to decimate packs of wolves solo… think about it!!!

  5. 5. Ed from Shaun of the dead.
    4. Gandalf
    3. Dr. John Watson
    2. Danny Butterman from Hot Fuzz (I have a man crush on nick and Simon)
    1. Bender and Lela (yes yes I listed two, but they both need to be there for Fry (not phry) to shine.

    I could have sworn Rodrigo was gonna say bender for his number1.. an antagonisticly helpful robot!

  6. 5. Troy – Community Even though they are usually billed as Troy and Abed, I always think of Troy as the sidekick. When they play Inspector Spacetime, Troy is always the Constable, Abed is the Inspector.

    4. Jim aka The Waco Kid- Blazing Saddles, where would Sheriff Bart be without the quick draw. amazing aim, and good humor of Jim.

    3. Charles DeMar – Lane Meyer’s sidekick from ‘Better Off Dead’ Possibly my favorite movie sidekick of all time. Always there to offer an encouraging word as Lane navigates the perils of high school, ‘Suicide is never the answer little trooper.” You can’t get advice like that from just anyone.

    2. Kyle Gas – One half of the immortal Tenacious D, He’s KG! Almost impervious to inhuman amounts of mistreatment, KG always manages to get Jack to realize the ‘D’ requires two to be a true Power Duo.

    1. Jane Lane – Daria Morgendorfer’s best friend, and what a best friend!?! She is infinitely patient and understanding of her cynical, antisocial counterpart. She ‘gets’ Daria like no other and almost always knows the exact right thing to say. Becasue of Jane’s insistence, and influence Daria is actually able to socially integrate and become a well-liked student at Lawndale High. WIthout Jane, Daria is just the pathetic girl that Beavis and Butthead tormented.

  7. Solid Muldoon on

    #1: Ebony White. Yes, I know he was drawn as the worst stereotype of the era, but he was written as a smart, savvy, brave, loyal sidekick. I love Ebony, Plus, what a cool name.

    #2: Little John. I love the idea that he beat Robin Hood, but then decided to follow him.

    #3: Bucky. It was a silly concept, but Bucky kicked all kinds of ass.

    #4: Jack Burton. Oh, you thought he was the hero of the movie, but if you give it a second look, he is Wang’s sidekick.

    #5: Emma Peel. Yes, I can see that you would call her a partner, but the whole set-up of the Avengers was Hero and Companion. Just like that other show. Emma was always brought in as a sidekick. Just because she ruled doesn’t mean that it wasn’t her role.

  8. #1: Kevin J’ Connor aka “My buddy benny” because he essentially played the same sidekick character in Deep Rising, Van Helsing, and the Mummy.

    #2: Death Trap from the Video Game “Borderland 2”. Borderlands 2 is an awesome first person shooter / RPG. The Death Trap is a robot that shoots lasers, bolts of electricity, and has large claws to attack any bad guys you can’t take out yourself.

    More to follow, maybe…

  9. I am particularly fond of pairings, where the ostensible sidekick is or becomes the real the star of the endeavor.

    My list:

    Gilligan (or is it the Skipper?) – Is there a better sitcom from that period?

    Lou,(or is it Bud?) – There were comedy duos before and plenty of them after but these two embody the classic Straight Man/Dopey Guy of the post vaudeville era and transition into radio and early cinema.

    Jeeves (or is it Wooster?) – Maybe the high point of the misadventures of the rich guy and his long suffering, hyper competent butler/assistant archetype.

    Spock (or is it Kirk?) – There are plenty of Kirk fans (and deservedly so) but a few Trekkers prefer Picard or even Sisko. Does anyone prefer Riker or Nerys?

    Cher (or is it Sonny?) – Later plastic surgery aside, these two embodied pop music for a decade, mastering the prime time variety show format along the way.

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