KICKSTARTER: Dimensions Pen & Paper RPS launches


There are hundreds of role playing systems launching every day on Kickstarter, but what makes the Dimensions Kickstarter campaign different is it being run/launched by former Major Spoilers intern/writer Shane Pelzel and Landry Fehrenbacher.


Dimensions Role-playing System is a pen and paper RPG.  It is a system designed to mix and blend all genres of play into one unified system.  It is designed on a point system so that all heroes, creatures, and even equipment can be given a level.  It is so that a superhero, a grand wizard, and a mecha can be created on an even basis.  It can be played in one setting or all settings.  The strongest emphasis on the system though is flexibility and creation.  It is a system that allows players to create their own races.  It allows them to tweak abilities to fit their characters.  It allows them to create magically or technologically enhanced equipment instead of just buying them from a list.  It emphasizes that anything can be shifted, bent, or changed to create the system you want.  It is a system that is designed to allow players to be the hero that they want to play, not play characters that are shoved into pre-created molds.