In college, I found myself entertained when a fellow student explained to me his taste in women: “I like ’em exotic, with blue eyes and blonde hair.”  (He was from Japan.)  But no matter whether that statement is funny to you or not, Takashi’s preference did exemplify the power that hair color has in your choice of paramour or even just your choice of eye-candy.  Unlike the real world, nobody in TV or movies ever seems to have a boring hair-color, choosing instead to frost and dye their hair into bizarre combinations.  Upon moving to my current city of origin, I was fascinated to meet a girl who had deep red hair, save for platinum blonde bangs in the front, making her look like an anime heroine and/or adult film star.  (There’s more overlap in those roles than one might expect.)  The way a person wears their hair has a tremendous impact on the way they’re perceived, right or wrong, demonstrated when my quiet crush on Olivia Wilde went away after she went blonde for a recent makeup commercial.  (Emma Stone, on the other hand, is adorable in every shade I’ve seen her in.)  This thought process isn’t just endemic to the male mindset, either, as my wife recently remarked that she found a particular actor much less attractive when his hair was no longer dyed blonde…

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) figures that everybody has some sort of preference, even if they don’t want to admit it, asking:  Blonde, Redhead or None Of The Above?


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  1. I’ve always had a fondness for redheads…I think it goes back to my first crush, my kindergarten teacher, Miss Berland. My wife had red hair when we met…I loved Gillian Anderson on the X-Files as much for her crimson locks as anything else, Allyson Hannigan is that much more adorable to me because of her red hair, and Laura Prepon is only tolerable as red-haired Donna. When she went blonde, her lack of acting chops was no longer offset by my ginger lust.

  2. I prefer brunettes. Their dark locks make their eyes smolder. Women like Selena Gomez are my type.

    But I am also fascinated by redheads. And, I suspect, by the time this thread is done most replies will be in favor of redheads over anything else.

  3. Firstly, it’s great to get a bit of Trish and Lita action…so thanks for that.
    Secondly, I don’t like particularly blondes. In my 34 years of living, I’ve never had a blonde girlfriend. It’s not a particular distaste, I just don’t find the hair colour attractive. Take the above Lady Stratus as an example. She is now a brunette, and is far hotter for it.
    My hair colour of choice would be red, but like Bruce said above. Scully, Willow, Donna… Amy Pond!!
    After the red head comes the dyed black hair. The Goth Chic look. Most of my college days were spent with darkly dyed, and I liked it :)

  4. I have had a fascination with Red Heads since watching Gillian Anderson on the X Files. Never actually dated one, but I hear they are feisty.

  5. I was going to say blonde, and I really really do like blondes. But I did notice when playing City of Heroes that every toon I made ended up looking like Jaclyn Smith in Charle’s Angles. So there you go.

  6. And a comment about hair dye. I was in an Oxxo in Mexico City in 1994. I somehow ended up looking at hair dye boxes and noticed that many of the boxes had pictures of women with blond hair and dark roots. It suddenly hit me that was the style. The point (at the time) was to look like you had dyed hair.

  7. I’ll have to be different. Silver hair.
    Long silver hair catches my eye every time. It doesn’t hurt that my wife’s hair is silver.

  8. Whatever works for the woman. But I never understood why people in general bother dying their hair anything but wild unnatural colors. A blond going red, or a brunette going blond just seems like envy to me.

  9. It’s more about the curls than the colour for me. A head of tousled brown hair or red ringlettes drive me wild.

  10. I don’t have much of a preference for color or style, I’ve been attracted to blonds, brunettes, gingers, and dyed hair. I’ve liked guys with both long and short hair, both clean shaven and scruffy.

    As a girl though, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten more attention with short hair, but most guys I’ve known have been pretty vocal about liking girls with long hair. Weirdly, I’ve noticed no change when it comes to color.

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