I found great enjoyment in my youth in the shows of Nickelodeon, from ‘You Can’t Do That On Television” to the extra-strange antics of Dave Coulier on “Out Of Control.”  But probably my favorite of those ever-so-80s entertainments came in the cartoon adventures of Danger Mouse.  Not Cee Lo’s old musical partner, but the eye-patched debonair rodent of action, whose adventures could be seen each day after I got home from school.  Though I occasionally chanced upon the occasional single DVD or (perish forbid) VHS copy of DM’s adventures in the years since then, it wasn’t until 2011 that a complete accounting of those lost cartoon treasures was available. (I don’t actually have it, for those considering a nice gift for me in honor of the Spring festival of your choice.)  For many years, I thought that perhaps there would NEVER be a decent collection of the White Wonder’s missions, much as I lamented the lack of such a release for the acerbic adventures of Daria.  (And sadly, when her collection DID appear, most all of the music had to be excised and replaced with the Jimmy Hart Version thereof.)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) is about to go into a 7th level Yoga-Hopping trance, whether or not Stiletto has a stereotypical accent, asking: What is (or WAS) your most fondly awaited collected DVD/Blu-Ray/Whatever release?


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  1. It wasn’t until 2008 that one of my favorite 90s kids cartoons came out on DVD. Tiny Toon Adventures! I have small kids now and I might just be picking up some volumes to not only relive my childhood, but to have a good laugh with the youngins

    • Oh wow, I was just thinking about Tiny Toons the other day when I got a special upgraded cable package deal and found out Animaniacs was on The Hub (and before anyone asks the connection, Mr. Skullhead from “Good Idea, Bad Idea” originated on Tiny Toons, and there had been other brief crossovers in both series).

      I definitely need to get my hands on that DVD set if I can find it. I know my friend’s kids would love it since we watched the “movie” (“How I Spent My Vacation”, which I surprisingly still have a working VHS copy of) and they loved it.

  2. One would be “Forever Knight” having all three seasons released on DVD. It might be a bit cheesy by today’s standards, but it was one of my favorite shows when I was younger and I still enjoy it.

    Another two would be “ALF” and “Dinosaurs”, two of the strangest sitcoms ever (and probably the only two sitcoms from that era that I can actually sit through).

    • ALF is available to stream on Amazon Instant Video (free with Prime). I’ve watched a few episodes in the name of nostalgia and decided to leave the memories in the dim past since watching ALF with my 39-yr-old eyes is much different than with my 13-yr-old eyes from the 80’s.

      • I admit it is a bit different watching it now, but I’m still glad I have the DVDs. It is one of those series I prefer to watch late nights when nothing but informercials are on or to play in the background while I’m gaming.

        It is also something I’m able to watch with my friend’s kids without having to worry too much about exposing them to anything inappropriate (there are a few things, but nothing too taboo).

  3. I was really really excited when I saw Space: Above and Beyond was in a box set and my brother was nice enough to get it for me. After watching some old episodes though, that show DOES NOT hold up at all. Sometimes you just can’t go home again.

  4. The Wire! I’ve got all the DVDs but I crave a BR release for this. Hopefully with more extras. Particularly more commentary tracks, considering there’s only a handful in the first season. Best police procedural ever created.

    • According to Wikipedia, they released Galaxy High on DVD in 2006 (the complete series in two volumes). I’ve been trying to find it for a couple of years, but I haven’t been able to (not counting online sales as I don’t have easy access to a credit card and I really don’t have enough spare cash with my med bills to justify shipping fees very often).

      But just in case I ever find it, I’ve got a space for it right next to my “Dungeons and Dragons” complete series DVD set.

  5. SmarkingOut Adam on

    I would have to say the Special Extended Editions of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I love special features and documentaries! I think I’ve watched those more than the actual movies!

    • Reading comprehension fail. I misread the question. While my previous answer are items I’d like to see again, the one I was most happy to see was also the LOTR Extended Editions in Blu-ray. I had the original trilogy on BD but was chomping at the bit for the EE so I could give away my DVD LOTR EE set.

      Other sets I was happy to see on BD: Firefly, Band of Brothers, Star Trek: TNG, DS9, and (I guess) Voyager.

      I was sorta excited to get the BD release of the Star Wars series until I got confirmation that they left out the un-special edition stuff. Thankfully, Harmy got my back and I have my original trilogy in BD quality but without the special edition changes. Add in the Machete order and I was all set.

  6. The Six Million Dollar Man. I loved this series as a kid and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that it finally came out. And I’m still waiting for a full release of The Bionic Woman.

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