Lords of the Feywild

This episode of Critical Hit: Listeners find out what happens after the encounter with Spud.


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  1. Ha! That mysterious weather actually happens here in south Florida in May and June… half an hour of torrential downpour in mid-afternoon.

    Maybe the Torqeltones have taken their talents to South Beach…

  2. What episode was the first appearance of Orem’s sword (kill your friends). I can’t seem to remember the origin of that…

    • Episode #18 “Aboard the Ship”: Orem gets “One Horrible Parasite”.

      Episode #84: Preparing to Leave: Orem gets a write up from The Interns on the parasite that explains a bit of what it is.

      Episode #100 “+100 to Critical Hitting”: That parasite has latched onto a fire sword and become the Kill-Your-Friends sword that we all know and love.

      • I would ask if you knew that off the top of your head, but I’m afraid U would say yes :)

        Also thanks for the info, I knew the history behind it but the exact episodes.

        I’m surprised Trell didn’t ask the gnome to change into bear form and give her a hug XD

    • Aspiring Spambot on

      If he didn’t want the joke made, he would have called them poultices. Mr. Lopez was practically asking for it.

  3. Randus has a very interesting back story.
    It was so good to have the guys (and girl) back in “the real world”. Diamondthrone, Kobolt Ally, plants that does not eat you. Aaaaaaaah.
    … And give Spud a chance will you. Why should an Emperer be any worse than 2 Kings and 2 queens. Just saying :)

    • Think of the feywild was a chair with four legs. We just turned that chair into a bar stool and there isn’t anything indicating that the base of that one leg is bolted down. Spud could do something and throw everything out of a whack that the four greater fey could not have done.

  4. You weren’t kidding about having notes for the entire series!

    I was totally expecting the epic boss battle from last play episode to bookend this season. Glad to see we’re pressing on!

  5. I was honestly expecting some more filler episodes, but I’m glad to see you going back into the series already. I hope we get to learn more about Randus’ backstory in this arc (you know, if he actually has one).

    And for some reason I’m happy that the Kill-Your-Friends sword is still there. I was under the impression it got atomized with the other weapons.

  6. We’re finally getting to know Randus’s background. Now for a splash of Torq and pinch of Trelle and this cake will be amazing. (btw, I was hungry when I posted this

  7. Yay! The party has arrived at long last in a world with real geography, maybe now someone will make a wicked cool fantasy map.

    Also 2 predictions:
    1. The party has been resurrected via some sort of plant based simulacra of themselves, and it’s only a matter of time before they discover that they are now pod-people.
    And 2. Randus is totally in on it.

  8. XantharTheFlame on

    Near the end of the episode when Ket wanted to do the extra circle of protection to keep others from entering the Feywild, I just kept thinking “Why bother?!” There must be hundreds of trods all over the Natural World. Plugging one will not stop anything. I’m with Torq on this one — too much thinking.

    Great character interaction and role playing this episode everyone! Especially dealing with the nekkidness thing — really funny moments there.

  9. ripspiritbear on

    The chaotic in me keeps hoping the gang gets blown off course through a space/time warp storm and lands in our world to play for a season. But how would they fit in, you ask? They simply travel from one comic store to another (in what we earthlings think are just super cool costumes) selling junk Randus whips up to nerds. Along the way they become something akin to The A-Team, solving problems for helpless geeks, and are eventually contacted by a secret government agency that has been tasked with sealing the corridor between our worlds. Also, I’m pretty sure I drank way too much cough syrup this morning.

  10. Awesome episode! I started listening to these (from episode one) back in October as I was changing duty stations and driving from Florida to Texas. I really just wanted something other then radio to listen to and I found it on “podkicker” fully expecting to hate it. After that trip I’ve just been downloading and listening to the Pods of Casting pretty much anytime I’m driving (work/gym/etc..). Having never played D&D before this has really been awesome. It’s funny, now that i’m getting closer to being up to the most recent episodes I’m getting worried because I won’t be able to just find out what happens next!

    One funny note, I have to remind myself that it is sometimes months in-between your recordings. Listening to them back-to-back I hear the players (actors ) confuse the same stuff over and over (Torque thinking his boots allow him to get up without spending a move action happens a lot). Really, I can’t blame them. I probably would forget stuff too! OK not really but I understand how others could forget.

    Thank you for the great times!

  11. On my way back through the series … WOW: I didn’t realize the current season (5?) goes this far back!

    Spoiler alert: 60 episodes later, our heroes are still trying to get back to the Feywild!

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