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NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (TYO: 7832), announced today the voice cast, musical lineup and more for its upcoming cartoon Bravoman: Super-Unequaled Hero of Excellence. Emmy® Award winner Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain) as Bravoman, Alpha Man, additional voices, Annie Award nominee Dee Bradley Baker (Clone Wars, American Dad) as Doctor Bomb, Anti-Bravo, additional voices and Romi Dames (Winx Club, Hannah Montana) as Waya Hime, additional voices will bring the world of Bravoman to life when the cartoon releases Spring 2013. For the latest information, visit

“Bravoman is one of our most popular web comics, and we are excited, grateful and humbled that such an amazing group of actors has come together for the cartoon,” said Rob Pereyda, Producer and Editor-in-Chief of ShiftyLook. “It is through the passion and dedication of this voice cast that Bravoman and his world have come to life, and through their efforts and commitment that the rest of us have been inspired to make Bravoman something special for all to enjoy.”

Bravoman (Rob Paulsen) and Alpha Man (Rob Paulsen) come to life

In addition to its A-list cast, Bravoman also features an amazing lineup of musical talent, including the cartoon reunion of Rob Paulsen with Emmy® Award-winning composer Randy Rogel for the Bravoman theme song. The duo has worked together on a number of songs, one of the most famous being Animaniacs fan-favorite Yakko’s World.

For the ending song, Go!! Fighting Action Power! (Theme from Bravoman), British gaijin rock band Area 11 performs the anime-inspired song composed by Area 11 leader Sparkles*. Bravoman also features an original score by Tommy Pedrini, a musician who recently contributed vocals, beatboxing and additional composition to D3Publisher and WayForward’s Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?!! game.

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Bravoman was produced by Rob Pereyda and Jim Zub, directed by Jim Zub and Rob Pereyda and written by Matt Moylan and Jim Zub. Bravoman comic artist Dax Gordine also contributed as character designer for the cartoon. Halifax, Nova Scotia-based Copernicus Studios provided animation services and its creative director, Murray Bain, performed animation direction. Bravoman: Super-Unequaled Hero of Excellence! releases on and other sites Spring 2013 and additional platforms thereafter.

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a part of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc., is a leading global publisher and developer of interactive contents – including all major video game consoles, amusement machines (arcade products) and network platforms such as mobile and online. The company is known for creating and publishing many of the industry’s top video game franchises, including PAC-MAN®, Tekken®, SOULCALIBUR®, NARUTO™, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™, Dragon Ball®, GALAGA®, RIDGE RACER® and ACE COMBAT®. More information about the company and its products can be found at

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