ME WANT: Crocheted Bane Mask


On a rare Thursday night edition of Ask Major Spoilers, Doug Robson (@Tabularoinak) asked if we had seen this homemade piece of goodness yet. We hadn’t, but we have now and want it.

Rose Pope from the U.K. is creating these crocheted Bane masks that are available for your purchase. She says that the masks are fitted for an adult head measuring 58 cm around, but can be altered if necessary. She makes them out of acrylic wool with small wooden sticks in place to hold certain parts up. The cold days are winding down here in the land of Major Spoilers but this should make next Winter season more bane-able. These are the jokes kid.






Rose says that due to high demand she has started a waiting list so if you want to purchase you will need to contact her before buying it through her Etsy page. You can own one of the masks for 60.00 GBP or $91.95.

via Etsy