DIGITAL COMICS: 215 Ink now on comiXology


215 Ink has announced that its catalog of titles is coming to the comiXology app.

“Bringing our catalogue to ComiXology was a no-brainer,” explained 215 Ink President Andrew DelQuadro, in a prepared press release. “We want to make sure that as many people can read our books as possible, and this is a proven platform.”

The first round of 215 Ink books to hit the new platform’s virtual shelves include Jim Starlin’s Mindgames, Little Heroes and IGN’s Best of 2011 award-winner Vic Boone: Malfunction Murder, with a new round of titles in the coming weeks.

The more books that are available on the application is always a good thing, and with the comiXology Submit initiative now taking off, I expect we’ll see even more exposure for the smaller publishers.

via 215 Ink