It’s a sad fact of storytelling, particularly in the daily grind of comics and episodic television: Happy couples are often dramatically inert.  Because of this paradox, many creators feel the need to insert roadblock after roadblock into a relationship or foreshadow a break-up every episode or three to give the couples something to do.  Even the longest running married duos run into this problem (which is the ONLY reason, by the way, for Namor the Sub-Mariner to ever have appeared in Marvel’s ‘Civil War’ title) and those who aren’t married can look forward to endless complications on their “Will They Or Won’t They?” road to happiness.  It’s a sad fact that the majority of real-life couplings end badly, but there are literally infinite examples of pairings that should have made it had the creators not cavalierly decided that “breaking them up made perfect narrative sense” or “they’d never have worked in the long run” or “it destroyed the whole premise of the series.”  (I haven’t forgotten you, Victoria.  I will never forget you!)

The MS-QOTD (pronounced, as always, “misquoted”) once again expects to hear from the arachno-philes in the audience today, asking:  What defunct or troubled couple do you most want to see reunited for good?


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  1. I see what you did there. But I’m not gonna go the route you expect. Kinda glad Web Head dropped the redhead… She always kinda annoyed me.

    However, how about some Banner love? Betty has dumped Bruce, gotten back together, married, divorced, died, got better, then turned into a sexy Red She Beast. And the whole time, the only thing Bruce and his giant green alternate personality can agree on is that love Betty. Give the guy a break. Let Big Green get a little happy on, for a change.

  2. Blok & Mysa. Yeah, they’re united on Sorcerors’ World, but she’s the Black Witch now & just barely keeping Mordru’s power/spirit in check. There’s no way that can end well, and that’s probably why Levitz decided to run with it for a future story. I just want the two of them as happy, healthy Legionnaires again, with her back in her pretty space bride outfit & him being all sweet and naive again.

  3. Ben & May Parker. Aunt May has been plot complication for long enough now. Otto/Pete has enough else in his life to create stress, it’s time the old broad whose health has been failing forever is finally re-united with her dearly departed husband.

    And won’t that make a touching scene, when Pete discovers all he gave up with MJ during brand new day for just a few months/years of subjective comic book time with Aunt May.

  4. SmarkingOut Adam on

    I loved Y The Last Man until the end. I won’t spoil it here, but let’s just say the people I wanted together didn’t end up together and I ended up hating the book. It was that obnoxious of a “twist” for me. I would have those two together. Sorry to be ambiguous, but if someone is reading it, I could really ruin it for them by being too clear here. It’s not just who Yorick ended up with, it’s WHY. Terrible.

  5. My wife says that the end of season 3 of Downton Abbey broke her heart. I won’t spoil it if there are any other BBC drama lovers lurking here, but maybe I already did?

  6. Pantsthemonkey on

    Both of mine are a little obscure, but I always wished that the potential relationship between Blue Beetle (Ted) and Oracle could have gotten more play.

    I also remember being really irritated with way the relationship between Green Lantern (Kyle) and Jade was trashed.

  7. How about Dick and Barbara? How sweet was the sequence when he took her up on the trapeze, pre-restoration of her ability to walk.

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