Image Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for a look at Bedlam #5, Black Acre #4, Epic Kill #9, Glory #33, Great Pacific #5, I Love Trouble #4, Lost Vegas #1, Mara #3, Repossessed #3, Savage Dragon #185, Snapshot #2, Son of Merlin #2, and Youngblood #77.

Bedlam #5
“A great weeping.”

bedlam05_cover bedlam05_p1 bedlam05_p2 bedlam05_p3 bedlam05_p4 bedlam05_p5 bedlam05_p6

BlackAcre #4
After a chain of disastrous events, Hull lands in a remote and unforgiving new territory. As Sinclair scrambles to get a handle on the operation from inside BlackAcre’s walls, a powerful rival smells blood.

blackacre04_cover blackacre04_p1 blackacre04_p2 blackacre04_p3 blackacre04_p4 blackacre04_p5 blackacre04_p6

Epic Kill #9
To infiltrate a government fortress and rescue her captive uncle, Song must tap into the darkest part of her soul; becoming even more lethal and cold-hearted. A sacrifice and mindset she may never return from!

epickill09_cover epickill09_p1 epickill09_p2 epickill09_p3 epickill09_p4 epickill09_p5 epickill09_p6

Glory #33
The penultimate issue of ROSS CAMPBELL and JOE KEATINGE ‘s GLORY saga ties threads together from its very beginning amidst the most brutal war Glory has ever fought.

Destinies will be realized. Lives will be destroyed. The end begins here.

glory33_cover glory33_p1 glory33_p2 glory33_p3 glory33_p4 glory33_p5 glory33_p6

Great Pacific #5
“TRASHED!” Part Five
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has attracted hostile natives, mutated sea monsters and billionaire fugitive oil heirs from the Great State of Texas. But when a cache of Soviet-era nuclear warheads is discovered, Chas Worthington has to fend off plundering, modern-day pirates in order to prevent an all-out arms race!

greatpacific05_cover greatpacific05_p1 greatpacific05_p2 greatpacific05_p3 greatpacific05_p4 greatpacific05_p5 greatpacific05_p6

I Love Trouble #4
Felicia hones her little teleportation trick, and picks up a few new ones, while training with Mars to become a cold-blooded assassin. At least, that’s what they expect her to be. But Felicia learns that while it might be no trouble for her to get next to her target, pulling the trigger isn’t as easy. And living with her conscience afterwards is even tougher.

ilovetrouble04_cover ilovetrouble04_p1 ilovetrouble04_p2 ilovetrouble04_p3 ilovetrouble04_p4 ilovetrouble04_p5 ilovetrouble04_p6

Lost Vegas #1 (of 4)
The EISNER AWARD-WINNING team of JIM McCANN & JANET LEE reunite to create a universe filled with intrigue as one gambler-turned-slave has 24 hours to go all in and pull off the greatest heist the universe has seen.

WELCOME TO LOST VEGAS! Aboard this luxurious casino-filled traveling space-station you will find the highest stakes games from every corner of every planet, unheard-of winnings, and the greatest attractions anywhere!

*the fine print- those who bet it all and lose must work it off as indentured servants to the casino. Escape is not possible. No one is exempt from these rules.

lostvegas01_covera lostvegas01_coverb lostvegas01_p1 lostvegas01_p2 lostvegas01_p3 lostvegas01_p4 lostvegas01_p5 lostvegas01_p6

Mara #3 (of 6)
Seeing her friends and supporters abandon her, and instead of trying to suppress her newfound powers, Mara goes public. Openly displaying her rapidly developing abilities, she challenges the bias and discrimination. People start to see her as not a freak, but rather someone who can’t be stopped, and that starts to make a lot of very serious people very concerned. Socially-aware superheroics in a world we’ve never seen. Brian Wood, Ming Doyle, and Jordie Bellaire bring the goods.

mara03_cover mara03_p1 mara03_p2 mara03_p3 mara03_p4 mara03_p5 mara03_p6

Repossessed #3 (of 4)
In this roller-coaster ride of an issue the crew heads to the swamps of Florida to finally repossess Sarah from a mysterious Demon. But they have to deal with more than redneck survivalists and gators: a surprise guest makes an explosive entrance and an old friend reappears. Demons galore!

repossessed03_cover repossessed03_p1 repossessed03_p2 repossessed03_p3 repossessed03_p4 repossessed03_p5 repossessed03_p6

Savage Dragon #185
Savage Dragon is on trial crimes he committed when he had reverted to his Emperor Kurr persona. Now the world is his witness as the shocking verdict is read. Meanwhile, Malcolm Dragon has troubles of his own: Thunder-Head and Double-Paige! Comes with our highest possible recommendation!

savdragon185_cover savdragon185_p1 savdragon185_p2 savdragon185_p3 savdragon185_p4 savdragon185_p5

Snapshot #2 (of 4)
Jake’s life spirals into nightmare as he finds himself hunted by the very hit-man who has framed him for murder. Maybe the victim’s daughter can give Jake the key to the mystery… if he lives that long! Continuing the new thriller from the creators of The Losers and Green Arrow: Year One!

“It’s so so so so so good!” – Ain’t It Cool News

snapshot02_cover snapshot02_p1 snapshot02_p2 snapshot02_p3 snapshot02_p4 snapshot02_p5 snapshot02_p6

Son of Merlin #2
Morgana and her Black Knights will stop at nothing to thwart Merlin and obtain the Stone of Giramphiel. With Merlin out of the picture, the only person who can stop Morgana is a young MIT professor – Simon Ambrose. But Simon is a scientist and a man of reason. Will Simon accept his magical heritage? Or will his rigid understanding of the universe get in his way?

sonofmerlin02_cover sonofmerlin02_p1 sonofmerlin02_p2 sonofmerlin02_p3 sonofmerlin02_p4 sonofmerlin02_p5 sonofmerlin02_p6

Youngblood #77
“RISE,” Part One
Familiar Youngblood faces return just in time! There is a traitor within as the team is challenged by their greatest nemesis! LORD CHAPEL RISES AGAIN. The destruction of Youngblood sets the stage for EXTREME 2013’s biggest event.

youngblood77_covera youngblood77_coverb youngblood77_p youngblood77_p2 youngblood77_p3 youngblood77_p4 youngblood77_p5 youngblood77_p6

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