SNEAK PEEK: Executive Assistant: Iris #3


Aspen Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Executive Assistant: Iris #3 by David Wohl and Alex Lei.

David Wohl – Writer
Alex Lei– Art
Teo Gonzalez – Colors

The Extinction continues!

Working with the CIA, Iris learns that the powerful and malevolent arms dealer Mazutsu is off limits to the Agency, a fact that piques her interest further. Covertly, Iris heads to New Delhi, India in search of her friend Lotus, but surprisingly discovers a deadly battle already in progress, along with the arrival of some rather violent “friends” as well!

IRIS_V3-03a-AlexLei IRIS_V3-03b-PQualano IRIS_V3-03c-Torque_RET 01_IRV3-03-CMYKcrop 02_IRV3-03-CMYKcrop 03_IRV3-03-CMYKcrop 04_IRV3-03-CMYKcrop

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: IRIS vol 3 #3 is in stores March 13, 2013.

via Aspen Comics