Dynamite Entertainment sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores this week. Take the jump for an early look at Vampirella Strikes #3, The Bionic Man #17, Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris #23, Dark Shadows #14, Vampirella #27, and more.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Written by Tom Sneigoski
Art by Johnny Desjardins
Cover by Johnny Desjardins, Fabiano Neves
Johnny Desjardins “blood red art” retailer incentive cover
Fabiano Neves black & white art retailer incentive cover
Exclusive Subscription Variant Photo Cover
The angel general, Evanuel has made a deal with devils—but why? What secret would be so dire as to make one of the most powerful angel soldiers in Heaven’s legions give up his blood willingly?

VampiStrikes03-Cov-Neves VampiStrikes03-Cov-Desjardins VampirellaStrikes03-1 VampirellaStrikes03-2 VampirellaStrikes03-3 VampirellaStrikes03-4 VampirellaStrikes03-5

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by Aaron Gillespie
Art by Ed Tadeo
Covers by Mike Mayhew (main), Ed Tadeo (1:10)
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• Mayhew “virgin art” cover retailer incentive
Part one of an exciting new story arc! The country of Libue is in the bloody throes of a desperate rebellion. While a brutal dictator uses whatever means necessary to squash the rebels, the American government orders OSI to locate and disarm Libue’s nuclear missles before they go rogue. Steve plunges into the unforgiving desert on the hunt for the nukes, but finding them could be far tougher and deadlier than the Bionic Man bargained for.

BionicMan17-Cov-Mayhew BionicMan17-Cov-Tadeo BionicMan17-1 BionicMan17-2-3 BionicMan17-4 BionicMan17-5

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Mature
Written by Robert Place Napton
Art by Debora Carita
Covers by Paul Renaud (50%), Fabiano Neves (50%)
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• RISQUÉ retailer incentive cover
A lost city and an unexpected storm give Dejah Thoris and Kantos Kan more than can handle when they are entrusted to protect a bratty young princess with a price on her head!

Deja23-cov-Neves Deja23-cov-Renaud Dejah23-1 Dejah23-2 Dejah23-3 Dejah23-4 Dejah23-5

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by Mike Raicht
Art by Nacho Tenorio
Cover by Francesco Francavilla
The future of Collinwood has been glimpsed. Barnabas and his clan are headed towards dark days. What are those who endured it willing to sacrifice to make sure it never happens? Is it too late for some, or is there one last drastic measure one member of the clan can make to make the
future unknown again?

DS14-Cov-Francavilla DS14-1 DS14-2 DS14-3 DS14-4 DS14-5

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +
Written by Brandon Jerwa
Art by Heubert Kahn Michael
Covers by Paul Renaud (33%), Lucio Parrillo (33%), Faniabo Neves (33%)
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• RISQUÉ ORIGINAL ART retailer incentive cover
The 2-part “Theories of Relativity” story begins here! Secrets – and maybe a little blood – are certain to be spilled when Vampirella finds herself in the midst of an unexpected family reunion. The revelations don’t stop there – we’re also pulling back the curtain to reveal the origin stories of Criswell and The Conjuress! How are they connected, and what does their bond have to do with Vampirella’s mother, Lilith?

Vampi27-cov-Renaud Vampi27-cov-Parrillo Vampi27-cov-Neves Vampi27-1 Vampi27-2 Vampi27-3 Vampi27-4 Vampi27-5

160 pages FC • $19.99 • Teen +
Written by Brandon Thomas
Art by Craig Cermak
Cover by Admira Wijaya
Before Arus. Before Voltron. They were Space Explorer Squadron #686.
Soon, they will be known as the legendary Voltron Force — Keith, Lance, Hunk, Sven, and Pidge — five young men entrusted with five powerful robot lions and the responsibility of defending the universe from unimaginable evil. Now, as one of the Space Explorers, under the command of the Galaxy Alliance, they are tasked with keeping the Earth safe and the skies clear in a universe growing more and more dangerous every day. They’re the best central command has to offer, and have never once failed a mission. Everything changes in a flash, and Commander Sven, already hammered by persistent feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy, finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches to the top of the Galaxy Alliance. All the while he continues to be plagued by nightmares, convinced that he’ll make a critical mistake that’ll lead to the horrible deaths of his friends. When the pressure on him intensifies, he pursues a number of increasingly desperate measures that just might bring these fears to terrible life. For years, Voltron fans all over the world have wondered — why this specific team of space explorers? How did they receive the important mission to bring back Voltron? Were they sent because their superiors hoped they would succeed, or because they knew they would fail?
• Issues the complete mini-series by Brandon Thomas and Craig Cermak
• All issue covers by Admira Wijaya and more
• Writer’s commentary for issues 1 and 2 by series writer Brandon Thomas
“Thomas, Cermak and CoMPANY are leaving nostalgia at the door and blazing a new trail for the space explorers.” – Ain’t It Cool News

VoltronYOTP-Cov-OGP VoltronYOTpb_Page_01 VoltronYOTpb_Page_02 VoltronYOTpb_Page_03 VoltronYOTpb_Page_04 VoltronYOTpb_Page_05 VoltronYOTpb_Page_06 VoltronYOTpb_Page_07 VoltronYOTpb_Page_08 VoltronYOTpb_Page_09 VoltronYOTpb_Page_10 VoltronYOTpb_Page_11 VoltronYOTpb_Page_12

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