You may have heard, that Major Spoilers has launched a campaign to get raise our recurring memberships to ensure that all the great content you love from the company continues uninterrupted, and to bring lost projects back.  One of our big rewards when we reach our goal is a new podcast exclusively for our $10.00/month members.  We’ve been spending the last couple of months kicking around ideas that range from more real play gaming podcast, to a video review show, and something that is so incredible it will Blow Your Mind all the way to 2020.  While we have an extensive list of shows we would LOVE to do, we realize that ultimately we are creating content for you, our fans, our readers, our listeners.

We value your input and thoughts, which brings us to the Major Spoilers Poll of the Week, that this week isn’t asking you to push a button, but rather to use the comment section to share your thoughts and ideas.



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Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


    • I second TheGreatNateO – I’d like to hear you guys weigh in on TV shows of interest, like “Castle”. Heck, I honestly don’t mind hearing Matthew talk about the latest season of Power Rangers – it keeps me informed about a show I liked as a kid.

    • Ill third that. Between all the people who work at Major Spoilers HQ, you could probably keep a good running list of what’s worth watching, new episode reviews, and upcoming releases.

  1. Let’s see… A podcast about comics and pop culture, a d&d podcast, a Munchkin podcast, a podcast to discuss your favorite whatevers, dueling reviews, Zach on film, the want list…. And I think it is decided that Finally Friday will be there, right? So what else could I want… A show where Matthew talks about wrestling would be nice! Maybe a ‘technical’ show which I probably won’t listen to…. I would love to hear more interviews, maybe with different interviewers each time? I don’t know. Whatever you want to do, count me in!

  2. Since you all have a background in Film, I would love to hear a podcast from you guys dedicated to in depth movie reviews and analysis ala the Now Playing Podcast, which you should totally check out if you haven’t already…I am enjoying Zack on Film, and would love something even more in depth

  3. Elijah Williams on

    A new variety/grab bag kind of podcast where each week a different member of the podcast gets to pick a new “thing” for that week’s episode. For example one week Matthew might pick you all review/discuss a certain Super Sentai movie, another week Rodrigo would want you all to do research on your favorite kind of dinosaur and you come back and discuss which one would win in a fight, and another week Stephen would force everyone to read Legends of the Dark Knight.

    Or just a podcast dedicated to the Word Association Game.

  4. I would like to hear a podcast playing another Roleplaying game, like maybe Exalted, Vampire (old or new), or even maybe Star Wars or bring out a classic like Marvel Super Heroes. :)

  5. ClubberLang6 on

    I would like either a podcast reviewing videos/older movies, or a podcast where you pit fictional characters in a fight and vote who would win, ie Superman vs. the Hulk, Batman vs. Robin, or Clubber Lang vs. the Thing. It could be a whole tournament!

  6. Real-Play Super Hero RPG GM’d by Matthew (not a Marvel/DC setting)…
    TV podcast formatted similar to MSP with news and notes, followed by each person reviewing a single first run episode from the past week, followed by a full season analysis of an old show ala the TPB review.

  7. I drive a lot for work, and get to listen to the MSP while I drive. I don’t usually have time to safely get to the website to read up on the stories that don’t get the approval of the wheel of destiny. A podcast where you discuss more of the news of the day/week would be ideal for me.

  8. I’d be a fan of hearing you guys discuss movies more. You are all very knowledgeable in the technical side, as demonstrated in a lot of Zack On Film.
    I would also like to concur with stellarleader, having Mathew talk about wrestling would be cool too. But tha’ts because I too am a fan, and looking forward to Mania in a few weeks :)

  9. I’d like another tabletop/rpg gaming podcast where you do one-shots/delves using other systems (e.g., the new Star Wars from Fantasy flight, or D&D Next, or Exalted, or whatever). I would assume a “one shot” for you guys would translate into a month or so of casts, if it’s a weekly release.

  10. The better question is “what podcast you guys want to make?”

    Seriously I would love to have you guys review anime series, such as Record of Lodoss War, but I don’t know that you guys would like that…

    Pretty sure U guys can’t go wrong, I leave to up to you.

    • Obviously, everything will boil down to, “what can we do effectively?’ and “What doe we have time/funding for?” Hopefully with everyone getting in on the membership drive we can do more and more and more and more and…

  11. I love it when you really get into the meat of the comic artform and style.
    An example is when Matthew was talking about when the action actually takes place on the page – he said something like “The action occurs between the panels – your mind fills the gaps, in the gutters”

    This BLEW MY MIND. There have been other times too, especially with Dr Coogan; where “learning to read” a comic book has been discussed, and I find it such an interesting notion that there’s still things I can learn after 25 or so years of reading these things.

    So yeah, I’d be down for a Comics 101 podcast. Perhaps it could be a perfect gateway for new listeners to the podcast proper? Instead of a focus on a particular trade; you could focus on a technique, writer or artist?

  12. I think a more academic podcast where you look at recent comics scholarship research and do deep readings of comics would be awesome. the times you guys have done this with Peter Coogan have been a lot of fun. Either that, or one on film and podcast production, editing, more behind the scenes stuff. Seems more in your guys’ wheelhouse

  13. I’d be interested in something about tv shows (maybe histories, season reviews, etc.) or the vs. concept that someone mentioned (e.g. Batman vs. Superman, Darth Vader vs. Khan)

    • I really like both these ideas as well as the week in review of news, basically expanding the first segment of the main podcast; as long as it has the characteristic back and forth between the 3-4 of you–that’s what I truly enjoy.

      Two other possibilities: movie/story pitches. I love when Rodrigo especially does this. Take turns re-booting or creating movie/tv situations for comic properties!

      Or bring in Dr. Coogan for Myth of the Superhero where you look and analyze certain tropes or archetypes: where they come from, where they show up outside of comics, and best and worst examples of those tropes/archetypes.

      Now to make that $10 donation…

  14. Well, I’m still going with the Rodrigo show, where Rodrigo shares his thoughts, opinions, ramblings, stories, and such. Maybe he can record it using his TWEAKED AUDIO HEADSET WITH BUILD IN MICROPHONE! (Gotta show the sponsors some love ;) )

    Other than that, I like when you guys do the weekend show and shoot the shit, I have no interest in anything to do with TV as I don’t have one, but movie stuff is cool. Another podcast that includes Matthew and Adriana would be awesome, since they are both crazy awesome! (That is, crazy and awesome). Do one where you get all the podcasters, that being critical hit cast + zack t. wolf, and discuss stuff, or make it into something.

    There are my off my head ideas. But yeah, basically more Rodrigo, Matthew and Adriana.

  15. Well, my current favorite is the Zach on film segment. How about something like that only related to anime and manga, since this department is horribly overlooked by you fellows. There used to be a lot of very good anime podcasts out there, but every one of the good ones has either pod-faded or imploded, with some of the hosts undergoing some rather spectacular on-air melt downs. Hmmm. Something intrinsically mentally challenging about anime, I wonder?

    I enjoyed the news segments more before you started the wheel of destiny thing and paring it down to one news topic, and often not the most interesting one from all the choices. So maybe spinning off the news into a separate segment?

    Another thing that often gets overlooked in the main Major Spoiler podcast are European comics. Aside from Tintin or Asterix, which get occasional mentions, there is a lot of material that could be covered. Lucky Luke, Lt. Blueberry, Mobius’ stuff, The Vagabond of Limbo series, etc. are just a few that come to mind. Maybe Cat Halo and some of your European listeners could phone in on this one.

    How about an “Odd Stuff We Found On Amazon” segment? Or a “Guilty Pleasures” segment?

    And maybe a podcast where Stephen specifically doesn’t beg for money? Just kidding! Wish I could contribute, but I had bad experience with Paypal in the past so except for using your link to buy Amazon stuff, there’s no other way to send you money.

  16. “Best of Podcast” transcripts for the deaf or hard of hearing (I’m not joking). I know it wouldn’t be feasible to make full transcripts of all the podcasts, but I’d really love at least a sliver of what the hearing unimpaired folks get to enjoy regularly.

  17. I would like a podcast reviewing new releases of rpg game books and systems. Mostly Wizards, Paizo and other games that are recent. There are a few out there but sometimes the reviews are weak, giving very little real info on the product. Just my 2 gp.
    PS: I really like the Comic Dorks Podcast, just wish it were more frequent.

  18. This is a really tough one to answer. Just like what every one else has said, anything you do is going to be great. But maybe like a munchkin minute type “whats on your pull list” podcast.

  19. I just had a stroke of Genius!

    Ok, so basically, Rodrigo, Matthew, Adriana and Steven (And sometimes guests) get together, have some drinks, then record their stories, movie/book pitches, talk about stuff! I would pay $10/mth just for that!

  20. I would be interested in a Cthulhu inspired rpg game. You guys tend to squeeze in some good Lovecraft references and stories, would be fun to hear you tackle the horror “face to face” per se.

    Zach would need to be involved, though. His reactions would be priceless!

  21. 3 suggestions:

    A potpourri show, like the the category on Jeopardy, where you let listeners suggest/select next week’s topics/format via letters/e-mail/twitter.

    A letters only &/or editorial show?

    A Pilots show, where you run maybe a maximum of 4 episodes of any new concept/show idea, then shelve it. You could Kickstarter or Pledge drive a dollar amount as seed capital for spinning the show off as a full fledged schedule addition after your trial run, your own version of Major Spoilers up-fronts.

  22. I like the proposed idea of doing one-shots or short sessions of different RPGs. Listening to Critical Hit really got me into D&D 4e and I’d love to see you all tackle other games/systems. I’d love to see you all do a real play podcast of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying,, but that’s probably because I just discovered the game and love it so I’m probably biased there.

    A TV series review podcast like suggested above could be interesting. While it’s not my area of interest, given that many of you have backgrounds in video production maybe a podcast looking at the more technical aspects of movies/tv shows.

  23. I enjoy Zach on Film so how about keeping the show as is as the freebie and create a premium download (i.e., pay for it/free with your recurring donation) of a commentary track to listen to as you watch the film that is being discussed?

    You could do free short versions (for instance, a commentary track on an episode of a television show–the show Arrow comes to mind) just to create interest.

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