RUMOR: Justice League movie goes radio silent – big stuff on the way?


A couple of weeks ago we learned that the script for the upcoming Justice League movie had been totally trashed and needed to be rewritten from the ground up.  With early press on the Man of Steel looking super positive, the latest rumor out of H’wood totally changes what Warner Bros. could be bringing to the table in 2015.

Keep in mind that all of this all rumor from Latino Review, and while they’ve been pretty good at getting exclusives, take everything with a grain of salt.

First – Christopher Nolan moving from consultant to producer.  This makes sense as he’s had the golden touch with Batman, and the upcoming Man of Steel.

Second – Zach Snyder directing the film. He blew everyone’s mind with 300, and while I liked his take on Watchmen, others were less than impressed at the time. If his Man of Steel truly is “the best film of the year” it would be stupid for Warner Bros. to not consider letting Snyder and Nolan take on the companies biggest project.

Third – While Christian Bale has said he was done with Batman, he also has gone on record as saying that if Nolan came to him with a great story he’d be back on board.  If this s the case, look for Bale and Henry Cavill standing side by side in the Justice League feature film.

Fourth – David Goyer putting it all together. Mr. Goyer has been really hit or miss with me over the years. He’s done great work with Nolan’s Batman films, but he was also the writer behind Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and the David Hasselhoff Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD flick.  His wins outweigh his fails, and since he’s been all over DC superhero movies and animated films, this seems like a smart move on the studios part.

Fifth – And this is the one that kind of ties it all together, Geoff Johns will serve as either the creative consultant or executive producer for the film. The writer recently left his Green Lantern duties to focus his attention on Justice League of America and the related Justice League properties. Could those other properties include movies?

Bottom Line – RUMOR

Keep in mind that all of this is rumor and speculation at this point as big announcements regarding the future of The Justice League will no doubt be made following early press screenings of Man of Steel, which opens June 14, 2013.  If true, look for a packed Hall H in July when I expect Warner Bros. will roll out everyone in a big media presentation.

via Latino Review