This episode of Critical Hit: While we all eagerly await the fate of our favorite table top game heroes, the players and game master take some time to answer listener mail.


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  1. The Butterfly River game was the most amazing I have ever participated in. Playing over a chat system allowed everyone to stay in character at nearly all times, as out of character comments weren’t typed. Best pc’s in a game I’ve ever played.

    • It’s funny because just a couple of days ago I listened back to that episode and wondered the same thing lol. Thank you for question and answer :)

  2. Adam Robinson on

    In response to some of the talk of online gaming, my group just started to move into this realm. With everyone going to graduate school in different areas it was impossible to keep our group that we have had since high school together. We initially checked out Table Top Forge, but that seemed a little clunky. Roll 20 has provided us with much more freedom. My DM loves it and treats it like a giant sandbox. We use it right through the website so you don’t need to use Google hangout as far as I know. It has a small learning curve and we are discovering new things about it every day as well as a few bugs that still need to be worked out. All in all I would recommend Roll 20 for anyone looking at moving into the digital realm to suit the various table top needs. It makes finding time easier since you don’t have to factor in commutes and set up because it is there with the click of a mouse.

    Can’t wait for you guys to get back to the action, but the Q&A sessions are definitely worth a listen even for long time veterans.

    Also I am happy to say that after a few weeks of fighting with paypal I finally got my 10.00/ Month recurring donation set up. Keep up the good work, and good luck with hitting your goals! Looking forward to new content and more critical hit.

    • I know, my former DM found Roll20, and even as a free member there is alot of stuff he can do with it. I am now trying to find my own DND group and he taught me how to use Roll20 and we all love it. I know when we started using it, I mentioned it to Stephen and Roderigo via Google+. It is great that it does work through Google Hangout and allows players to move their own tokens and keep up with health surges and hp themselves on the site and lets others see them as well.

  3. Thanks again for mentioning me and my trying to find members for a DND group via G+. About Roll20, you don’t have to use Google hangouts exclusively, it does have it’s own website, just there is hangout connectivity with it. And for those interested, i am still looking for 3-4 players for lvl 1 dnd game via Google hangout and Roll20 on Thursday evenings. Let me know on the forums.

  4. Ars Magica had a Kabbalah: Mythic Judaism supplement. Perfect example of “it’s not what you can do, it’s what you should do.”

    • From the Amazon review:

      “This is probably the single most impressive supplement to Ars Magica ever written. The book is handled with great knowledge, grave respect, and an intensity of scholarship that one rarely sees in gaming. I handed it to a non-gaming friend who is a Torah scholar and he was impressed; he quibbled with certain points, but overall he saw this as a book that helped clear up many basic misconceptions of Judaism, especially as practiced during the Middle Ages.

      Kabbalah will give you background on the Jewish communities of the Middle Ages, their beliefs, their mores, and their habits. It will give you insight into humour, worship, mysticism, and attempting to survive as a marginalized yet recognized people. Unlike the poor pastische earlier supplements have given to the Perfecti, this supplement gives a very accurate presentation of Jewish life (and how it varies in different parts of Europe).”

    • There was a company called Highmoon press that dealt with Jewish-slanted role-playing stuff, but doesn’t look like that’s a thing any more.
      Your could try to brush up on your Hebrew and check if the Israeli community has come up with anything compelling – although in Israel as well, RPGs are more of a secular hobby.
      Your best bet would probably to take a generic system and adapt it. One of my favorite con games was set during Biblical times – an alternate version where a party of adventurers took down Goliath instead of David. The system used was Wushu – a system designed for high-flying combat stunts ala kung-fu movies. Three words: kung-fu phylacteries.
      It was a lot of fun.

      Oh, and its pronounced “Tsaddikim”, Matthew. You’ve probably seen it spelled with a Z, but its the same as the ZZ in “pizza”.

  5. For those who specifically want to play 4th ed. D&D, the WOTC virtual tabletop beta has now moved back to its designers at [part of gametable online].
    Membership is free for the basic package but you can subscribe or buy extra tokens etc. to upgrade the gaming experience. The table can keeps track of your surges, encounter powers, dailies etc. and can be used to represent short rests [refresh encounter powers] and extended rests [refresh everything]. You can import D&D Insider characters that have been saved to your computer as DDI files which makes character building easy.
    Rob Eng and his team at gametable online are very prompt in responding to any queries/problems you may have and are always seeking player input.
    Plus [no I am not getting paid to plug them :) ] they have game forums that allow players and DMs to find active games .
    The table allows you to communicate p2p via keyboard [group broadcast or pm your chosen player/dm] and also with mic/headset, so you can roleplay and make [written] asides if you wish.

    The table can be used for any D&D system and most other games, but it really sings when it is dealing with 4e.

    Have a look. Most games are not displayed once the seating is full, but most DMs will let spectators in who wish to see the table in action. [contact them via forum]

    Hope that was of help. I have made some great gaming friends on the table [from my far away location in Perth, Australia] which otherwise would never have been possible.

    Tell them Gehrigan sent you :)

    • G!!

      I must concur with everything Gehrigan says. I have been running games using the RPGTable since it was the WOTC Virtual Table Beta, and it is one of the easiest tables I have used to play and run 4e games. I currently run a bi-weekly Darksun game on the table, have played in weekly campaigns.

      It has a built in chat server, so everyone on the table can communicate with each other as long as they have a Mic.

      It has access to all of the monster data in 4e, provided you pay a small nominal fee to unlock this data. Otherwise, you can still enter all the information by hand, but a few bucks was worth it to me to be able to import monsters directly.

      It can import your 4e characters that you have built in either the online Character Builder (and exported to your HD), or the Offline Character Builder that still exists out there. Or, again, you can enter all of the information by hand

      Everyone has access to a few tilesets, with more of the wotc tilesets available for purchase. Same with tokens, there are some tokens available to everyone, with more available upon purchase.

      We also have an IRC chat set up (by us players, not the GTO staff) at

      It was set up back in the wotc beta days, hence the name. Some of us are almost always logged in there and help answer questions, direct people to the right places to go, and general stuff like that. We also sometimes recruit players for games directly from this chat.

      So, if you are looking for a 4e game, I highly recommend You can click a link there to redirect you, or go directly to to create your free account and get playing.


  6. Btw I love the letter to the editor segments. Always nice to have a look under the hood at how the parts all work :)

  7. Thanks for the extra-long listener mail segment; I needed an big fix after the emotional roller-coaster that was last week! So starved was I that I started a second run through the series.

    P.S. – Episode #9 (An Attack on the Camp) gets my nomination for the “Best Unintentional Foreshadowing” award; I’ll avoid any spoilers here, but definitely drew some unwanted attention on the subway for my laughter.

  8. Dave from Sweden on

    Are you all planning on another off season Actual Play? I’d love to see a continuation of the events that transpired this season, but another off season, perhaps game mastered by D&D Brian, would be excellent to tide us all over for when the next Critical Hit installment is released.

  9. My group has been using a site called: to run our games on. It creates a very good map and tokens that can do all your rollers for your powers and the like. We then just use skype voice to be able to talk to each other, no need for video, because its all on the rptools.

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