MOVIES: Norman Osborn found for Amazing Spider-Man 2


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Columbia Pictures has found its Norman Osborn for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie.

chris_cooper_a_pAccording to the trade magazine, Chris Cooper has signed to play the man who would be the Green Goblin.  What’s really amazing is that production has already begun on Amazing Spider-Man 2, and the studio is still casting central characters… or are they?

There’s no word if Cooper will turn into the Green Goblin, or if Osborn will only be a bit player moving toward the big turn toward the end of the flick.  We already know Jamie Foxx has been cast as Electro, and if the movie focuses on one villain, Sony/Columbia pictures could be pushing off the big “oh, snap!” moment for a third film.  If so, that should make Emma Stone fans happy.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives May 02, 2014.

via THR