Here, at Major Spoilers, we are focused on one thing – creating content for you.  Be it the audio and video programs we produce on a weekly basis, original content, reviews, and commentary on the site, or connecting one on one with those who are fans, we enjoy doing everything to its fullest.  We are always trying to do more, and we can, with your help.


Major Spoilers started off in my kitchen just over six years ago from my desire to cover the pop culture and comic book industry in a way that was more honest and upfront with its readers.  The site grew quickly, and soon other contributors joined Major Spoilers to share their views on everything from comic books to toys to movies, and games.

Today Major Spoilers includes:

Three websites

An active forum
Five podcasts

A growing YouTube video channel (MajorSpoilersVideo)
Over fourteen contributors in the Major Spoilers family!

We’ve come a long way over the last six years – further than I ever thought we’d be, but at times it feels like we are trying to go 100 m.p.h. with the parking brake on. We aren’t owned by a conglomerate, we aren’t owned by a giant broadcasting company, and we aren’t funded by the very publishers we are supposed to cover in an honest and open way.  We are a group of people who want to share information with you in an engaging and entertaining environment.


With your help, we can make the Major Spoilers Experience even bigger and better than it already is.  With your help, we won’t have to worry about missing a big story, or a tasty morsel of geeky goodness.  We won’t have scheduling conflicts that cause us to miss important recording sessions.  With your help, we can expand the number of reviews that appear on the site, which means even more of your favorite comics get covered on the site and in our shows.  We’ll be able to bring back some of our favorite features because we’ll have the time to focus on the articles and features that you love.

How can you help? Become a recurring member today!

goat2Our goal is to reach 6,000 $5.00 per month members.  When we reach that goal, we’ll be able to focus more of our attention on Major Spoilers and thus create more entertainment for you.

With your $5.00 per month membership, you’ll ensure that the website is updated regularly, ensure that your audio and video shows are there each week, and that the forums and comment sections continue to be a fun and safe place to share your thoughts and ideas.

All of the content currently available for free will continue to be free, which means you will continue to enjoy the Major Spoilers Experience and be happy knowing your small monthly contribution is making a big impact in how we run and operate Major Spoilers.

When we reach our 6,000 $5.00/month membership goal, we’ll even launch a live Friday show where listeners and viewers can call in and share their thoughts on the big stories that happened during the week.  Longtime followers have heard me talk about Finally Friday, and we can’t wait to interact with you more through this show!

Help out now and become a $5.00 per month recurring donor today!.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! (Come on, you knew it was coming)

Those who really want more from Major Spoilers should become a $10.00 per month member!

When we reach our overall goal, those who become $10.00/month members, not only get to enjoy all the regular Major Spoilers content, but they’ll also get access to a members only site that includes a brand new show, that we are working on right now!

When we reach our goal and get 4,000 $10.00/month members, we’ll launch a second show for our members, and when the membership hits 10,000 members, a new video show will launch – only at!

Join now by becoming a $10.00 per month recurring donor!

Someone once said something about community and child rearing, and Major Spoilers is still a child, looking to make a name for itself in the world of big scary monster corporations.  You, who are part of our wonderful community – nay, THE BEST COMMUNITY, can help insure that the Major Spoilers Experience continues to grow, continues to expand, and continues to be the best possible product out there.

We aren’t asking you to become recurring members to satisfy our desires, we asking you to become recurring members so we can work to create more for you.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you who is a fan and supporter of everything we do at Major Spoilers. Without you, I would have shut the site down long ago, and moved on to something else.  It’s because of your support that we keep the sites and shows going, and we can’t wait to take the parking brake off, open up the throttle, and let Major Spoilers soar!

With Deep Appreciation,
Stephen Schleicher
Executive Producer
Major Spoilers

 Why a funding goat?
Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using Twitter to get the message out about our funding goal, and in one case I mistyped goal as goat (hey, it happens, I have a Kansas education).  Someone pointed it out, and I loved the idea of a Funding Goat.  Enter award winning artist Thomas Perkins (Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Ben 10, Beware the Batman), who took the idea and ran with it. You may notice that we do things a little bit differently, often with humor and fun in mind, so instead of a funding goal, we have a funding goat.  As we reach our goal, more of the goat will be revealed, and when the tip of the hand appears, you’ll be part of the big celebration!


About Author

Stephen Schleicher began his career writing for the Digital Media Online community of sites, including Digital Producer and Creative Mac covering all aspects of the digital content creation industry. He then moved on to consumer technology, and began the Coolness Roundup podcast. A writing fool, Stephen has freelanced for Sci-Fi Channel's Technology Blog, and Gizmodo. Still longing for the good ol' days, Stephen launched Major Spoilers in July 2006, because he is a glutton for punishment. You can follow him on Twitter @MajorSpoilers and tell him your darkest secrets...


  1. believe me man, I hope to god you get the funding, I am going to have to check my finances and see if I can afford even the $5 donations. just hard on a minimum wage income even at 34 hrs a week

      • But Stephen, it makes me feel bad when you mention the donation on every podcast. I love what you do but please don’t mention your funding on every show, it starts to get old and get on my nerves. I know it is important so maybe make a short bumper in the beginning of the show “hey don’t forget you can become a monthly donor, check out more at”. This would be way better then getting reminded in the middle of the show every time.

          • I dunno. I’ve kinda stopped listening because of the way his “become a recurring donor” harangue has permeated more and more segments of every show you produce. I still follow you all which is why I’m here. But, yeah. I get tired of hearing about how Stephen wants to quit his awesome job as a university department head and we have to help him do it.

        • SmarkingOut Adam on

          While I can sympathize with this view, that is exactly how a fundraising campaign works. When my daughter’s school tries to raise money, they send her out with order forms in all her cuteness and dare people to tell her no. When PBS asks for money, they want you to understand the value of what they give you and what could be lost if people don’t give. Stephen brings it up regularly, but fairly naturally in the flow of the conversation (though with obvious intentionality). I feel like he does a nice job of explaining how much more could be done if the goals are met. For example, someone having to miss a taping brings the topic up in a very understandable way. I understand not wanting to hear it. I don’t like fundraising, but be fair to them. They probably don’t care for having to do it. If the money was just there and they could do this without the pitches, I’m sure Stephen would be overjoyed. He is just excited enough about the possibilities to put up with having to do it. I’m excited enough about the possibilities to listen to it, even if I do feel sad about been a poor college student (at 34 years old) that can only do spotty donations instead of the recurring kind that would get me extra stuff.

          • It is a bitter pill to swallow, being asked to pay for something we’ve always received for free. On top of that, if we don’t pay, we’ll continue receiving it for free. Of course, the argument is if we don’t pay, all this could potentially go away.

            Perhaps changing the pitch? Or changing the product?

            One of my favorite podcasts, Never Not Funny, is a paid-for subscription. For free, every week, you can download the first 20 minutes via iTunes. If you want the hour, hour and a half that follows that, you have to pay $25 twice a year. That’s $50 for 52 episodes (plus the occasional bonus episode).

            That kind of scaling back might make subscribing on a monthly basis more palatable. For free, every week, you could offer the first twenty minutes free (the news and the reviews). If you wanted the poll of the week, the call-in section, as well as graphic novel review, you’d have to subscribe.

            That way, it feels more like the purchasing of a product. Especially for those of us who only listen to one or two of your podcasts. I’m only interested in Major Spoilers and even then, it’s not uncommon for me to skip the weekend episodes and the dueling reviews. So for me (and I assume I’m not alone in this) $10 a month for four episodes seems a bit steep.

            Or, perhaps, sell us on these “bonus features” and add-ons. Because I’m happy with the product I’m receiving for free. What would I get that I’m not getting now?

            • If you are happy with what you are getting now, then you’ve already answered your own question. And that is okay. We don’t expect everyone to contribute, because we know there are those that can’t or won’t. What we are hoping to do with these funds is keep the stream flowing, keep the slow down and blocks at bay, fight the giant corps who are doing a lot less with a lot more, and take Major Spoilers to the next level.

              I want to thank you for the support you’ve provided so far by just visiting the site and listening to the shows we produce.

            • It is a bitter pill to swallow, being asked to pay for something we’ve always received for free.

              In a very real sense, this is about being able to deliver MORE of the content you’ve been receiving, on a more consistant schedule, without other obligations getting in the way. You can’t know how many cool ideas we’ve had to put the kibosh on for lack of time or man-power over the last six years…

        • The thing is, with a modest company like this one (and I believe “modest” is an appropriate term) asking for donations is really important. Asking for money/help to make your dream greater/more fulfilled and in turn bring more to your fans, and when those fans give help and make that dream more realized, it creates a very special kind of connection between the two parties, and the company at that point has also created a pretty nice system of accountability. I just watched Amanda Palmer’s Ted Talk last night, and it really brought these notions home for me–maybe it will for you, too.

  2. I’ll see what I can do. I love this site, but I don’t exactly have a lot of disposable income with all my med bills and the like (which is why a lot of my responses tend to be “I wish I could afford that toy/statue/game/etc.”). But I bet I can push a few things around and donate when I can.

  3. I have been donating to this site for a while.

    As a pragmatic sort of person, I like to think I’m “Investing in entertainment.”
    I believe that Major Spoilers has used my donations very well and I enjoy a very high “Return on Investment” in the form of hilarity and other such good times.

    I hope that all who read this will consider giving for the cause. It’s worth it.

  4. I plan on moving some things around to donate $5 a month. No reason why I can’t do it (besides me being lazy). Almost all of my podcast listening is done from Major Spoilers. I agree with Russell. I think my 5 bucks would be used wisely. I don’t see it as Stephen begging to be able to quit his awesome job. I see it as someone wanting to do something that they love to do. It isn’t like we will not be getting something in return. Even more awesome stuff? I’m on board with that.

  5. Brian Reilly on

    I mjumped in with the 10 last week! There is absolultly no where where you can get this much entertainment for that little. You guys are great and offer it for free, but I need to do my share and contribute. thanks again!

  6. Michael Kiser on

    I recently jumped in to start supporting Major Spoilers as well with a $10 recurring donation. Like most of the others, I looked at it like an investment into something that I enjoy. I support the video game developers I like by buying their games, and television shows and creators I like by buying box sets. Now I am supporting the people who make most of the podcasts I listen too just like I try to support the other content creators I enjoy.

    I do have a question for Stephen though. How often do you plan on updating the goat image? I am really excited about watching it (hopefully) continue to go up until you guys reach your goal.

  7. Erik Waddell on

    I had been a recurring donor before, but finances got tough for a while. Now that things are back on track I’ve just now, moments ago, re-upped for a $10/month recurring donation.

    Steven, you and the Spoilers team have more than earned the ongoing donation. Day in and day out the Major Spoilers website provides quality stuff, and it has become my go-to place for comic and pop culture info. Not just the news, but the interesting insights you and your friends are able to provide.

    More than once you, Matthew, Rodrigo, or one of the other great folks there have opened my eyes to something new and interesting about a comic, movie, or something else I have long enjoyed. That right there is worth the price of admission.

    MSP, Critical Hit, and Top 5 are my favourite podcasts on the internet, bar none.

    Keep up the great work! You’ve got my support.

  8. Best of luck with this Stephen. Count me in!

    Still don’t understand people who are offended by a request for help from the very people who make the content they enjoy for free. 3 minutes of “advertising” for 90 minutes of entertainment? Yes please. By contrast, let’s go watch some TV and compare the value proposition!

  9. I’ve been reading the site and listening to most of the podcasts regularly now for about two years. I’ve been thinking about signing up for a recurring donation for a while now, and since I’ve recently been saving some money by cutting back on my video game purchases I figure the least I can do is support you guys for all the entertainment you’ve provided me with over the years.

    As such, I have just signed up for a 10$/month recurring donation and I hope that it goes at least a bit of the way towards letting you guys do everything you want with the site. Thank you for all the hours upon hours of entertainment, I look forward to spending the rest of 2013 and beyond with you guys in my headphones.

  10. I upped my donation to $10 a while back because I saw all of the stuff you were doing & knew it can’t be cheap. Here’s hoping you reach your goat!

  11. I just landed a fabulous new (well, additional) job. Shut up and take my money, because I will actually have some now.

    Actually, for the goat thing, shut up and take even more of my money, because me misreading something has never had such hilarious consequences. ^_^

  12. Been meaning to do this for a long time – being lazy about setting up PayPal was my only excuse.

    Took the 5 minutes to do it today – so I’m down for $10/mth

    Completely worth it just for Critical Hit, the site and rest of the pods are just gravy :D

  13. MSC, in just a couple of months once college is done, job is in order, and finances are in place, I’ll make the donation jump. Just right now… stupid budgets.

  14. A couple of questions?

    How do one time donations factor into your goal? For instance, if I donate $60 right now, would that count as 1 $5/mo donation?

    What about if I sign up for a $10/mo donation? Does that count as two?

  15. Well, I’ve previously been a $10/recurring donor, until circumstances forced me to stop. I’m hoping to restart that again within the next month. In either case, good luck with your goat, Major Spoilers is one of my top stops on the internet, and I hope you guys can crank up the funding you deserve.

  16. 6,000 contributors at $5 a month or $30,000 total a month $360,000 a year in donations. If you reach this goal will all adds be gone from the site? If you don’t reach the goal will there be a scale back in any of the above or the site in general?

    • We’ve been very fortunate to this point to not have any major disruptions to site updates or show releases due to schedules and duties. There is no plan to scale anything back if we don’t reach the goal, but we also can’t promise there won’t be disruptions due to those schedules and duties.

  17. You once said that if everyone who listens to Major Spoilers donated $2 a month that none of you would have to work on anything but the show. Why is it now $10? Why not make it a goal of 50000 members at $2/month and why hide anything behind a pay wall? Just do the extra shows when you reach that goal.

    Personally, I love your show. I contributed before. I always go to Amazon through your site as well. I do not think it’s right to have a paywall when people already do what they can for their favorite fan site. Am I offended of this offer? No. I just feel like making such a high price point is turning away many faithful spoilerites.

    • That would be true, IF everyone who listened did donate $2/month, but as we’ve seen, not everyone is, or can do that. We are and will continue to work on all of the show you currently listen to, view, and enjoy, whether we reach or goal or not. The site is not changing – you are still getting all the same content you already have access to. Reaching the $5.00/month goal allows us to improve upon the content we are already providing for you, and add/bring back content readers have been asking for.

      The $10.00 membership is a bonus thank you, that right now includes one new show for those who have gone the extra mile. As we reach other specified $10.00 goals, additional options open up for those $10.00 members.

      Don’t worry Zaranblack, we aren’t going to take anything that you already have access to and put it behind a paywall.

      Thanks for your continued support to Major Spoilers by using the Amazon link, and thanks for your comments.

  18. Ingrid Lind-Jahn on

    Your pocasts are a great source of entertainment, and I have happily upgraded my $5 recurring donation to $10. I started out listening to Critical Hit – which is probably worth the support all on its own. Over time, I’ve gradually added your other podcasts to the ones I listen to regularly.

    Your shows are well done, interesting, entertaining, of good sound quality…I could on and on. I caught the Friday video broadcast last week, and that would be pretty awesome to see on a regular basis too. I can’t believe how much you guys manage to do while also keeping up with full time jobs, schooling, etc.

    So, until Matthew runs out of pop-culture references, Make Mine Major Spoilers!

    — Ingrid

  19. So I told you I would be able to re-start my monthly donations once my wife got a new job. She just signed a contract last week and so here’s me letting you know I’m chipping in with a $10/month contribution! You guys and gals rock :)

  20. You have my $10 recurring donation, Stephen.
    Critical hit alone gives me 4 hours of entertainment a month, which incidentally got me interested enough in 4ed to try it, and now I run a game for 7 players (all of whom I converted from 3.5 :) ). That’s $2.50 a week entertainment which is more than a bargain.
    I hope you reach your goal and can then implement many of the new ideas that you have percolating in those evil brains of yours lol. I would love to see the crew working full-time on content and activities here (Matthew has my permission to keep working at gatekeeper Hobbies :) )

    all the best Gehrigan
    [Perth, Australia]

  21. I dont have or want a PayPal account. Could I make a one time donation of 120$ or something a year and gain the benefits of a 10$ recurring donor? I love Major Spoilers and want as much as I can get.

  22. Well I for one am very happy atam the value I get for my $10 a month donation. I am still amazed at the amount of content that you all produce. As someone who is trying to get into podcasting I really do understand the effort that goes into every episode.

    If I get this other position in my company I will defenitally take my $10 donation and turn it into a $20 a month. Because its worth it and Stephen and crew you have all inspired me into trying podcasting and producing my own content. So if I can support the community that way then so be it.

  23. I am moving to a new house in a different state this month. But give me a couple months and I should be able to afford a donation with no problem.

    I should have started it long before now, considering I populate the Major Spoilers Forum with posts like it’s my profession.

    Any chance our donations will finally get someone to change the settings on the forum so people can finally edit their own posts once again?

  24. Let me see what I can do. Like so many others, money is very tight but maybe after my next paycheck next week I can set up a $5.00 recurring or something. I love Critical Hits and I’m steadily catching up after letting them get behind.

  25. Trevor Uitvlugt on

    I have been donating $10/mo to Major spoilers since the recurring donations were first offered, and I don’t regret it a bit. The donations must be going up because now instead of my name being butchered all by it self, It’s butchered with a whack of others. You’re going to have to change your show shout outs if you reach your funding goal.

    BTW it’s not “i-flute”, it’s “ite-v-looked” :)

    Thanks for all you do man!

  26. Peter Richards on

    Give me about a month to get my finances together (going through a divorce) after that $10 a month is yours! It’s an awesome investment for me, as living in a regional Australian town makes keeping up on all things pop culture difficult.

  27. Consider some things, folks. Critical Hit alone is like getting two-first run movies a month if you assume about an hour of material a show. Indeed, that is literally the first piece of media I consume each week, Add in everything else they produce, and tell me where you could get as much bang for your spending dollar.

    • There are some assumptions there that probably aren’t true for everyone — most folks probably find films more engaging than equivalent-length audio, simply because it engages more senses.

  28. Creigh Brigman on

    Here’s my problem: I completely understand where you are coming from. You are a business and want to expand your content. However, ever since I learned of Critical Hit, I’ve been a devout follower of The Major Spoilers Experience. I listen to every single podcast. I even signed up for the 2 dollars a month recurring donation, even though our family is having a very hard time money-wise. I can’t afford the 10 dollars a month recurring donation, and now, because of that, I cannot enjoy The complete Major Spoilers experience. I can understand where you are coming from, but It doesn’t sit well with me.

    • Ditto. I can’t justify more than 24 dollars a year on my extremely meager budget. Going to 10 a month is basically canceling all but 1 of my monthly titles, which seems to defeat the purpose of the Major Spoilers Podcast. For now, 2 a month is all I can manage, and I am sad I will miss out on some content. Then again, I am sad that I can’t have all the comics, too. So, its not my first disappointment, and I don’t plan to leave as a result.

  29. Just signed on for the $10 recurring–I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and finally jumped on board (I hope this appeal does the same for others who were like me). One question: instead of having my name read at the beginning of the show, is it possible to have my site’s name read instead? I realize that might count as an “ad,” so if the answer is no then I completely understand. Just thought I’d ask. It’s always good to ask.

  30. Once I can get around to setting up something here, a $10/mo or equivalent ($120) donation will be on the way. It is money well-spent, if for no other reason than to see what you can do with it. The reality is that most things in life have lousy value-propositions. In this case, you’ve got a good value proposition, and we all get to support the little guys trying to bring something new and exciting to all of us. Money well-spent.

    Now–any chance we’ll have a running tally somewhere (think non-profit fundraising thermometer signs they fill up until the goal is reached) where we can all see how the fundraising goals are coming?

  31. I started listening to Critical Hit on a road trip to Texas a couple months ago and became hooked. To be honest, I haven’t even looked at the rest of the content on Major Spoilers, but probably will soon. Even if I don’t, I am getting my 10.00 a month worth from the gameplay. Right now to me it is like a choose your adventure audio book, and any audio book worth anything is at least 40 bucks. So the payoff is more than there for me. I am only on episode 53 or so, and am enjoying the heck out of the gameplay, as well as the explanation of the game mechanics. Thanks for setting this up and giving us a ton of entertainment value!

  32. If it wasn’t for the three of you I wouldn’t have been inspired to become an iPhone/Ipad programmer. So i’ll have to get paypal to send some appreciation your way.

  33. I’m in for $60 up front right now for a year. Even though I am a sad panda about Critical Hit right now (the waiting, arghhh), Critical Hit, Top 5 and Munchkin Land are the podcasts I most look forward to in general. In exchange for my money, don’t kill Randus! :P

  34. Signed up for the $5/month. You guys are awesome. I will keep it up as long as my account holds up and my wife doesn’t notice.

  35. I’m all in also, I’ve been an avid listener but never much of a contributor (as far as website comments, etc.) but figure this is a great way each month to say thank you for all the great content. The Major Spoilers and Critical Hit podcast really make my work day go so much faster and I really hope you guys and gals meet your goals!

  36. Possibly dumb question, but just to besure.. are current $10/month subscriptions counting to the goal? Or do I need to set a second $5/month subscription to help? I’ll do it if I have to!

  37. I am a long time listener finally with a steady source of income, and now you guys and gals are getting 10 USD a month of it. Thank you for the excellent content, especially Critical Hit – no other DnD podcast comes close to the good chemistry and excellent story-telling you all have together (or at least that Rodrigo whips into you, hah).

    My interest would definitely be more in a games podcast: RPG, video games, card games, something. I’m sure you’ll make something that I’ll listen to, however, as I am subscribed to the whole gamut of Major Spoilers podcast (though Critical Hit has my heart).

  38. I’ve upped my donation from $2 to $5 recently and I don’t even do anything other than listen to Critical Hit and use the forum. I’m not into comics at all, but the quality of the content I do use is well worth the investment I make IMHO.

  39. I just signed up for $10/month. I’ve been listening to you guys for a long time (got started on Critical Hit and then Major Spoilers, and have subbed to each podcast that has come out since then), and look forward to each and every show as they come out.

    I do very much hope you reach your funding goal – I’m glad I’m able to do my part!

  40. I really hope it goes well for all the fundraising you guys do there at major spoilers.

    I became a fan of this site through Critical Hit (re-listening to the podcast from the beginning for the 4th time now) and it has helped me through a lot of tedium. I have to thank you guys for allowing me to keep my sanity in a lot of situations where I would have gone bonkers!

    I would dearly love to contribute, as a member of your UK audience, a $2/month contribution is just £1.32 a month. Unfortunately I’m the only working member of a household and having to support it myself. For me unfortunately every penny counts and up until recently I’ve had to borrow to survive to the end of each month.

    I really appreciate everything you guys do and if my position changes, i’ll be sure to let you know with as much as I can afford to help out.

    Good luck to every one of the Major Spoilers crew, I wish you the best and hope you continue to bring us such incredible programming as you have been doing.

  41. Wow… Stephen. I was a big fan and I thanked you help me reconnect with my father before his passing away, but this donation thing just lost me completely. Its very annoying, and its almost like begging. I’ve run a podcast for over 3 years and I’ve never asked for donations once. I even almost lost a server for hosting due to not having the money when I was briefly unemployed. I am one person, so it doesn’t matter, best of luck I hope you get your funding. I am moving on, I will miss you, Matthew and Rodrigo.

  42. Right now I’m thinking really hard about how to write it in the most polite way, because I enjoy your shows A LOT, but maybe it would be a good idea to tone the money requests down a bit. Someone has written here that it is only 2-3 minutes per episode, but I have to respectfully disagree; see, I commute to a town which is about 12 kilometers from my own, and – I kid you not – one of the rides consisted entirely of listening to a donation request… and we’re talking Polish public bus transportation here, so it’s not like we were going 80 kph. I know that it was an exception – well, this is why I remember it – but please don’t overdo it, guys, two minutes at a time seems to be about the upper limit for me.

    Another problem is that when a request goes over a minute or so, it bascially becomes the same spiel every time. Sure, there are only so many ways you can say “please contribute”, but I for one would prefer to listen to commercials. I don’t care much about the product – for me, you could even endorse diapers, staplers or washing powder – but at least it would be something different. I don’t know, maybe let Matthew or Rodrigo or Zack do the “please contribute” talk from time to time, it would go miles towards making it more unique and palatable.

    I’m definitely not saying that you are even close to losing me as a listener – you’re still the best ones around, as far as I’m concerned – I’m just throwing in my two cents of honest feedback. Best wishes to all of you!

  43. I still think that you should not have anything behind a pay wall. 1.2 Million dollars a year is alot of money for a goal and I think if you are able to achieve that with any form of donations that you should be grateful to all who have donated and not just those who give 10 dollars a month.

    • We are grateful to all who donate, and the good thing is, when we reach the main goal, everyone will be getting MORE without the paywall – one new podcast, more reviews, more features, the return of old features- More, more, more, more, more for all. The only content that will be behind the paywall is a bonus thank you for those who have gone beyond the base request, as our special thank you to them.

  44. While downloading some old episodes, I recently realized that I’m listening to Critical Hit for about three and a half years now. I enjoyed every minute of it and always thought about donating a few bucks to show my appreciation. Realizing just how long I’ve actually been following the adventures of the Torqueltones finally made me whip out my credit card and donate 60$.
    Thank you to all of you for the hours and hours of great entertainment!

  45. The entertainment level alone of listening to Critical Hit during my commute has probably resulted in lower blood pressure since I don’t mind if I’m stuck in traffic (more haggling time!) so I certainly have no problem kicking in some money. Thank you all for your efforts to keep us informed and entertained and if there’s anything I can do to help, I’m more than happy to do so. :)

  46. I listened to all the Critical Hit shows, and have now started at the beginning of Major Spoilers though I don’t really read comics(yet, you guys are making it hard not to), but simply because the quality of the product you put out is among the best I have ever seen.

    Count my $5 in for as long as I can afford it.

  47. If I weren’t working on my debt snowball, I would have no problem putting my money where my mouth is. I have done a couple one time contributions, and will again, I’m sure.

    You say this isn’t about full time employment, but there’s no reason why a quality site like this shouldn’t be able to provide that. I think we’re just in strange transitional times for media.

  48. litanyofthieves on

    Finally got around to bumping up to a $10 a month donation. I’ve finally finished school, and now I am getting semi-steady work. I can drop 10 bucks a month on something that has really opened a lot of doors for me, from making me realize I really wanted to work in media to introducing me to tons of great pop culture that I never would have heard of. I don’t comment much anymore because I’m running around writing and shooting indie films and webseries, but I just want you guys to keep up the good work! Looking forward to Major Spoilers becoming your RWJ’s!

  49. Jumped from 2$ a month to 10$ a month!
    Just wanted to say you guys are the best and most entertaining show on the interwebs.

    you are singlehandedly responsible for my jump from just reading fantasy/scifi to now playing and running my own games.


  50. John Costello on


    First of all, I love the Critical Hit podcast. It has carried me through many a home repair and commute.

    Thus, I’m a bit confused as to why I don’t see much talk about simply charging a fee for access. This is a good product and I think you should have the confidence to charge for it. Giving something away free is a fine model when you are trying to drum up interest in a product, but you’ve got a fan base now that knows its value.

    Someone above indicated that paying for something that was formerly free is a “bitter pill to swallow.” I’m more disturbed by the fact that people think they should get anything free. You all work hard and burn up your valuable time producing this podcast so you should be well compensated for it. Set a monthly price for us and let us know what it’s worth to you to produce Critical Hit and then we’ll let you know whether or not it’s worth that amount by subscribing. Depending upon the price, I’m betting it is.
    Anyway, thanks for the great entertainment!

    • Of course, it is Stephen’s decision as owner, but speaking only for myself… I think it is better to leave as much as possible free. I doubt I’d have tried it if I had to pay for it initially. Free shows allow them to develop new fans, some of whom will become supporters. Even a publication as famous as the New York Times provides a good amount of free access. Carrots and sticks…

  51. What’s the best way to change your contribution amount? Cancel the old one and re-up? or is there a button somewhere that I’m missing?

  52. I absolutely love Critical Hit. Rodrigo is a brilliant DM/GM/ST. You can see his love of storytelling in his campaign -and his World of Darkness influences. (Seriously, he needs a shirt on slash loot.) While I cannot afford a full on subscription at this time, I do make sure that every time I make an Amazon order (which I do often because I hate shopping around town) I use the link provided on the Major Spoilers link.

    With that said, the moment I can afford a subscription, I’ll be onboard. Thanks for everything you guys do. I hope that you are able to meet your goal.

    P.S. It would be awesome to see Rodrigo run a Mage the Ascension game.

    P.P.S. University Department Head has to be a bad ass job. I’ll swap you jobs if you are looking for a different direction. I’m a senior religious program specialist in the military. Great travel benefits! :-)

  53. Thirsty_Barnacle on

    I came to know Major Spoilers through Critical Hit. After years of listening I am finally playing my first D&D Campaign this weekend and I am *completely* geeking out. I have listened to and thoroughly enjoyed the Major Spoilers podcast in the last couple months, and it’s secured a solid spot in my busy podcast rotation. I am very happy to have signed on for a $10/month donation. A wonderful investment my knowledge and entertainment — and a great value! Many continued thanks to you Stephen and to the rest of the crew for all your work!

    C’mon folks, let’s fill that goat!

  54. I have been a $10/month donor for several months now and love the content. Major Spoilers’ podcasts keep me entertained on my drives back and forth to work. To be honest, I have trouble keeping up with everything your already putting out. My only input would be put ‘donation request free’ podcasts behind the firewall…otherwise you guys are the best. Hope you beat that goat!

  55. TehGeekFather on

    Let me tell all you nay-sayers a story. I use to listen to talk radio. Not Just any talk radio. There was no Rush Limbaugh, no Tom Lykis. What I listened to was the Rick Emerson Show out of Portland Oregon. It wasn’t really syndicated nation wide as the geek culture hadn’t quite hit main stream when they tried the syndication bit. The show was fantastic I listened for years. It was canceled once and the fan outrage was so loud ABC brought the show on. It was a very geek friendly, pop culture filled show. It was part of my daily life. Something I looked forward to as a highlight in a normally mundane job. Now as regular radio has declined with I tunes and podcasts so did the revenue commercial radio made and thus there are no real radio personalities besides your standard DJ’s canned DJ’s and personalities like Lars Larson and Glen Beck. So What did they do.

    Finally the show was canceled. (along with the majority of all the other talk radio personalities and other fan favorite DJ’s) There was just not enough money for the radio stations to keep paying the wages.

    Alot of these personalities jumped to Podcasts. The Rick Emerson Show did as well after a while. Only with changes to the crew. This new version of the show was almost as good. They even started a podcast network with some of the other local personalities. But there was just not enough money in it to keep it running indefinitely. So a subscription was worked out. 6 something a month. Parts were free to listen live, or download for later listening some were behind the paywall.

    Why can’t everything be free? Because time is money. Eventually the guys at Major spoilers will have to choose between putting food on their table, pay the rent, gas for their cars ect, and recording a podcast her and there because it interferes with their work scheduled.

    Our Donations can help alleviate this. They are asking for 2 dollars from every listener (will never happen it was more a what if deal), or 5 from those willing to give five (well worth it) and with 4000 of these recurring it could pay wages. bills. It’s not really a lot for the amount of entertainment and information already provided for free. 10 dollar donations get the bonus as they should.

    This Give it to me for free mentality is rather rude. I don’t mean it’s rude for those with out the finances to donate But the ones who moan about it whether they can or can’t afford it.

    It’s simple. If you can, Do. If you can’t then listen to the free content and enjoy it. It’s Free. And not much in this life is truly free.

    Also, Don’t complain about the fundraising. Most mp3 players have a fast forward or slider. Use it. It’s a commercial. A way to let new listeners know how to donate or subscribe and a reminder to old listeners to chip in. I’ve been listening for about three years now. I listen to the various Major Spoiler podcast at work or while making deliveries and I listen to the Critical Hit Pods of casting when I’m traveling on the weekends.

    Ummm Ok rant off I guess.

    • Capitalist Gamer on

      Amen, brother. Rant away! Nothing is free in life. Set a price so I can make an informed choice as a consumer. People don’t appreciate your time and efforts unless you charge for them.

    • Complaining about fundraising is a form of feedback, which at least potentially has value. I find the endless fundraising a bit annoying myself; doesn’t stop me from supporting Critical Hit, but others are free to make their own assessment.

      As to the fact that it takes them time and money to make the show: I think that’s fairly obvious. Giving it away for free (i.e., for whatever donations they can get) is a balancing act between the marketing value and revenue: makes it easy to get the word of mouth out and grab new listeners, but some of them — maybe a lot of them — are free riders.

      From what I’ve seen, most gamers have never heard of Critical Hit or Major Spoilers*, so I think they are still in the customer acquisition phase, and allowing people to listen for free is probably a smart decision. But that’s just a guess.

      *My guess based on various online boards and some pickup D&D games I’ve been in recently. I try to mention them, but of course not everyone listens to podcasts.

  56. greatmachine on

    Marvel Unlimited $4.99/mo ($59.88 annually)
    Netflix $7.99/mo
    Amazon Prime $6.58/mo ($79 annually)
    Spotify Premium $9.99/mo……

    just saying

  57. It’s been a long time back on the site but I have listed to the shows every week dating back to when it was the original cast (the tail end). thank you for everything you have done and I’m sorry it took me this long. my $10 has been sent! Cheers boys!!

  58. Btw I converted my lady to the major spoilers legion. She tunes in weekly and was very impressed by the theme song I made. I’m suprised you guys are still using it! I’m humbled!! We send out love boys!! Johnny (uglyhooker) & Danielle (jetpixi).

  59. I havent really explored the website, or all the other content. I dont really read comic books. (Im more interested in the art honestly) But I stumbled onto Critical Hit a few months ago….and Im about 40 episodes from being current. I love that podcast! I dont have time to play, but this keeps me thinknig about D&D and thats what I like about it. Everyone adds something nice to the game and its a good listen. I am going to set up my $5 donation. Just for Critical Hit. Honestly, I dont get when people complain about fundraising. You Jelly?

  60. Logan King on

    Just setup a $10 recurring donation, Critical Hit is so fantastic. My year long game ended 6 months ago and found this podcast at the same time. You guys have pushed me to continue to write and think of adventures I could possibly put players through in the future. I had one question, I understand that you don’t want to give away the surprise about the new site, but once you reach your goal, How will Critical Hit benefit from it?

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