STATUES: Gouken vs Akuma Diorama


Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has announced their latest statue offering in the form of a giant Gouken and Akuma fight scene. Take the jump for all the details including pre-order details.

Standing at 16.5″ tall the Street Fighter diorama depicts the two fighters striking and atoms bursting around them. President of Pop culture Shock Collectibles, Jerry Macaluso, said this about the new statue:

There are a couple vivid moments in Street Fighter lore that really stick in the mind’s of fans. This battle between Ken and Ryu’s sensei and the demon Akuma is arguably the best of those moments. The whole idea of Brother versus Brother creates huge drama and stakes.

This statue will be available in two different forms with the alternate form having the energy particles light up. The normal version of the piece will have a limited run of 300 pieces with a price tag of $330. Getting the light up version is more limited with a run of only 200 pieces and a price of $350.

GoukenvsAkuma2 GoukenvsAkuma1

Which ever statue that you want you will have to go through Pop Culture Shock’s direct-to-collectors service with a preorder starting on March 11 at 3 PM Pacific Time.

via Action Figure Insider