ME WANT: Custom Boba Fett Mixer


I have never admitted to being a wizz in the kitchen, especially since that time I completely melted a rubber spatula while scrambling eggs. Of course, if I had kitchen appliances that look like this I would be more prone to pick up the skills. Take the jump to see pictures of a custom painted Boba Fett mixer.

This mixer is the latest creation from deviantARTist Tommy (aka tommyfilt) which he repainted from the used mixer is wife bought him for Christmas. Tommy says that the mixer isn’t completely finished, still needing to add a phase board for speed control and two decals on the side.


Tommyfilth is no stranger to custom made merchandise as he has also created patches from Halo and even went as far as to create a custom Mass Effect Monopoly game. To take a look at everything he has made click right here to see his deviantART page.